Replace One Word in a Movie's Title with "Erection"

Ah, the highbrow Oscar Wilde-esque after dinner conversations between me and my friends… The wonderful topics we discuss, the pleasant banter between us… and of course the barrell scraping cheap laugh nonsense that is the Erection Movie game. Simple; replace one word in a movies title with Erection or Erections- hilarity ensues. You can vary the title ever so slightly to keep it grammatically correct, but don’t push it. Our favourites;
The Constant Erection
Crimson Erection
Shaft’s Big Erection
The Purple Erection of Cairo
Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Erection
Bill and Ted’s Excellant Erections
28 Erections Later…
Stop! Or My Erection Will Shoot
The Erection That Shakes The Barley
It Came From Beneath The Erection
A Guide to Recognising Your Erection
Darby O’Gill and the Little Erection
Quackser Fortune Had an Erection in The Bronx
The Long Good Erection
Help! I’m an Erection
Dr. Strangelove; Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Erection
E.T. The Extra Erection
An Erection on Elm Street
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Erection
Any more?

Hands on a Hard Erection - The Documentary

The Bourne Erection
Rambo: First Erection

An Officer and an Erection.
Days of Wine and Erections.
Big Erection in Little China.
Dr T and the Erection.

This is fun!

Change that last one to The 5,000 Erections of Dr. T and you’ll have something.

Yes, I know they’re 2 unrelated movies made 40 years apart. Big woop.

Alien Erection (I think that might just be a description of the Xenomorphs.)
Breakin’ 2: Electric Erection (Dancing vibrators?)
Erection Quest

The 40 year old erection.

Winces at the very thought

Indiana Jones and the last erection.

Little Big Erection
A Hard Erection’s Night
Raiders Of The Lost Erection
The Erection, The Bad and the Ugly.
An Erection And A Gentleman

The Man with the Golden Erection
The Texas Erection Massacre
Four Erections and a Funeral
Erection Club
The Thin Red Erection
They Saved Hitler’s Erection
Three Men and a Little Erection

Sci Fi themed:

The Erection Strikes Back!
The Phantom Erection

Star Trek: The Erection of Khan
Star Trek: The Undiscovered Erection



2001: A Erection Odyssey

The Say The Erection Stood Still

Twelve Erections

E.T.: The Extra-Erection

Jeezis, people, this is really childish.

That said…
The Shawshank Erection
The Hunt for Red Erection
Aguirre: The Erection of God

My Big Fat Greek Erection.

What do I win? :smiley:

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Erection

No Erections For Old Men

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Erection
The Longest Erection
Last Erection in Paris
The Erection Connection
Dances with Erections
Erections Over Broadway
O Erection, Where Art Thou?
No Erection for Old Men

Small quibble: I believe the film to which you refer is titled Breakin’ 2: Erection Boogaloo.

The Erection machine
Erection Forever
The Dark Erection

Erection: Bigger, longer, and Uncut
The Dark Erection
American Erection

Pretty much any way you put it* Erection 2: Electric Boogaloo* is classic.

*An Erection Grows in Brooklyn
Monty Python and the Holy Erection
The Erection of Eddie’s Father
The Erection That Broke the Plains
The Great Erection Robbery
An Erection to Three Wives
Erection in a Bottle
The Erections Are Coming! The Erections Are Coming!

*and of course Alexander Payne’s dark comedy set in a Japanese high school…

The Erections of Eastwick
The little shop of Erections
The Rocky Horror Erection Show