Replacing part of an AC adapter

I have a small Ott light with a damaged AC adapter. Specifically, the part that plugs into the light base completely separated from the wire. A replacement adapter is not available from the manufacturer.

I’ve thought about just buying a generic adapter, but the adapter that came with the lamp has an in-line switch that is the only way to turn the lamp on and off, and I can’t find a generic one that has that.

Is it possible to replace just the tip? I can’t figure out how one would get inside the thing to connect the wires and thought there perhaps exists a kind that snaps apart for rewiring. Does such a thing exist?

A pic would help.

You might be able to repair the adapter, but most are not meant to be repaired. The last time I tried to repair one, I inadvertently destroyed it trying to open the plastic case. :frowning:

Would something like one of these work for you?

If you can solder these are available in several sizes.

If you can’t solder these are screw terminal connection.

Have you thought about getting a generic adapter and putting a small in-line switch in the cord?

I had thought about that, but the only inline switches I’ve seen are for larger gauge wire. I will check that out.

I presume you are talking about a “barrel” type plug.

You can get replacement ones at Amazon. Some have a sleeve that screws off showing two pins you can solder a wire to.* Some have the leads already attached and you solder the old leads to the new ones and wrap them up.

One big problem is sizing: You can measure the outside of the old plug easy enough but the inside size is a big tricky.

Another problem is polarization. With a still attached plug it’s simple to use an ohmmeter to find out whether it’s the inside or outside that connects, e.g., to the white lined wire. If the wiring is detached from the plug it’s harder. Check on the lamp to see if there is one of those C-dot symbols showing whether the outside is + or - and match it the wire polarity. (Double check that with a voltmeter.)

Another option is to head to a thrift store and check their bin of adapters for one that matches yours. Pay a buck or two. Cut that adapter off and solder the leads as above.

  • Be sure to slide the sleeve over the wire first before soldering it to the tip!

You don’t necessarily need the switch to be in the AC adapter assembly.

You can get one inline on the DC side:

Or at the outlet:

Or right before the bulb: