Replies time out, say bye bye

First of all, is the server still down for 1/2 hour or so in the A.M.? Used to be between 1:30 and 2:00 PST.
I replied to a post of Eve’s in MPSIMS somewhere in there, hit submit, got a “too busy to use” sign and thinking that it would send it when it got time, went on my way. (I was in the “view new threads” mode. I checked later-nothing, ad infinitum.
Today I tried to reply to my own threadin IMHO a little before 3:oo P.M. Got the same sign and same result. I was once again eaten, so to say.So my question is,“Hey! huh? wha?”.

Wow, now there’s something unique. I’ve never used a smiley, ever, but there’s a big orange one that somehow insinuated itself in my OP.
So I have another question. “Hey! huh? wha?”

Look in the technical issues FAQ.

Try clicking on a smiley in the smiley list to the left of the reply box. You will notice that a set of ASCII characters is inserted in your post. vBulletin will translate the corresponding “shortcut” to a smiley every time it sees that set of characters in your post.

Mmm, thanks Arnold, but I can’t find the technical issues faq. The regular one doesn’t seem to have anything that pertains. And I still don’t understand why my posts are being erased.
Sorry to be so dense.

ageless6, the techincal issues FAQ is at the top of the ATMB thread list.

There is a sticky thread in ATMB entitled FAQ - technical issues - please read this BEFORE posting a question.
Inside that thread, you will see this post, which says:

and also this post, which says

For future reference, Ageless, Mr. Smilie inserted himself because you use lower-case letter “o” for the zeros in “3:00”. The smilie code uses "colon and lower case ‘o’ " for an “embarrassed” smilie.

Thanks again Arnold

and KneadToKnow

and DDG; after looking at it a long time, I noticed that the one 0 that wasn’t covered by the smilie was actually an o, so I finally figured it out, but thanks ducky. I’m more smilie illiterate than computer illiterate. Like ChiefScott I revile the little gremlins.
It’s 1:40 A.M. I’m just killing time, waiting for 1:45 to take another shot at getting through. Okay, here we go. Nope, try at 1:55. Nope.

Okay, got through at 2:07

George, I’m goin’ out to pet the rabbits now. Aw,okay, I’ll read the technical faqs first.

Yes, I should remember it too. A couple of nights ago, I was telling one of my friends to look at a thread on this board at around 2 AM PST (even though when I tried to view the board, I was getting a “Database Error” page every single time). He told me it was “all messed up, and it would probably be okay later”. It was, at around 2:15 or so.

So the cause of the board being “all messed up” was probably the maintenance of the board. But is it possible to have a page that says that the board is down for maintenance and to try back later? I’m tired of looking at the “Database Error” page! Thanks!

Arnold, please extend the backup window time range mentioned in the technical FAQ to between 03:30 and 04:15.

As for a special page saying the board is getting backed up? When/if I get time which tends to be Jerry-speak for “not going to happen”.