Reply notifictions

They’re a good thing, but I get a lot of them. Just now I got 4 notifications quoting the same new post.

IMO it would be nice if you didn’t get ANY more notifications of replies to a thread until you actually visit that thread again.

At times of stress on the server, it does one of two things:

  1. It times out on certain tasks . . . and things don’t get done. This includes email notifications. (In fact, it tends to drop email first.) That means you will miss notifications for some threads, prompting a complaint of “I’m not getting my notifications!”

  2. It stutters and sends out duplicates of the same notification. And you open this thread instead and ask/complain about getting too many copies of the same dang thing.

We have no control over if/when either of these scenarios will take place, it just bees that way. Sorry about that.