Multiple Email Notifications

For as long as I recall, the board has always had a tendency to send multiple email notifications on subscribed threads. It’s not unusual to receive two or three notices of the same post. Overnight, the SDMB scored a personal best, sending me 7 notifications of Sevo’s post to the 2005 Death Pool (but only one notice for the 2006 Death Pool). Is Jerry aware of this? Does it happen to anyone else? Can it be fixed?

I’d just like to note that none of my other mail is ever duplicated, including the subscribed thread notifications that I get from 3 other vBulletin boards, which is why I don’t think the problem is at my end.

It happens to me all the time, usually 2 at a time, but my record is 11 notifications of the same post.

Makes me wonder if we should turn off email notification for subscribed threads. That feature could be using too much processing power. It sounds like something is broken, anyway.

I’ve never subscribed to threads, so maybe I don’t see the downside of turning the feature off. If there’s a thread I’m interested in, I’ve always posted in the thread, so it’s easy to find.

Email notification has been spotty.

The system varies between sending many copies of the same email or sending none at all, and it’s a crapshoot as to what the outcome might be.

It does seem like when the systems is most stressed is when this happens. Email is the first thing to be dropped when server resources are compromised. I suspect the duplicate emails come when the system is flailing around, just before it drops all the requests it cannot fulfill.

Sorry it’s not working better for you.