Report Y2K failures here

I’d like to start a thread to track and report Y2K failures that you have experienced already, or that you can document.

Here’s a Y2K problem that the chain jiffy lube is experiencing:

Does anyone else have any examples to share?

Good thread idea, Krispy!

I think it was Philadelphiia that recently sent out a batch of impossible to comply with jury summons for January 1900.

This one isn’t anything grand-scale, but only a mild annoyance…I was in a local book store the other day, and attempted to purchase a book with my Mastercard (which, by the way, has an expiry date of 08/00 or 09/00…can we see where this is headed?) In any case, the cash register wouldn’t accept the card, since it assumed my card had expired in August of 1900…Next, I had to deal with all of the off-shooting problems that I associate with Y2K, namely the idiot salesperson who had no clue what I meant when I told them to call MasterCard for a manual authorization. (“I don’t think we can do that, sir…”) I finally gave up. The next Anne Perry Mystery would have to wait.

Civility costs nothing.

Re: credit & debit cards with post-1999 expiration dates. I have a debit card (with a Mastercard logo) that has a Jan. 2000 expiration date, and I haven’t had ANY problems using it – not once has it been rejected.

This is a good idea for a thread - in MPSIMS, no question.