Reports are that Patrick Swayze has passed away

He sounds like a nice dude. I was kind of indifferent, (just never saw many of his movies) about his death, until I read this thread. Married for a long time, hard working, down-to-Earth… now I kind of feel bad for not seeing more of his films.


Didn’t care for any of his movies, but he must have had a great sense of humor and self to do this.

C ya Pat.

My crush on him began when he played Orry Main in North and South.


I’ve always had the sense that he didn’t aspire to being a respected Shakespearian actor, that he knew what his niche was in movies and filled it well.

Ghost, Roadhouse, Point Break, and Dirty Dancing are all easily rewatchable.

I’ve long had a soft spot for him because the day I moved into my dorm and put a framed photo of my boyfriend (who is now my husband) on a shelf a girl picked it up and squealed “Gwendee! He looks like Patrick Swayze!”

I first heard this when Channel Five was giving news highlights for their 10:00 show. Then Hosue back on just when House was diagnosing a patient with pancreatic cancer.

At the time, it was very, very creepy.

Henry VIII

too soon?


I was going to have a facebook quote with the same theme! I then thought it may be too much for my ultra sensitive friends who are all admitting their crushes on him in there status updates.

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Nah, I’m seeing that all over the internet. :frowning:

Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

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I remember an interview he gave early on, talking about growing up in Texas and getting hassled because he was studying ballet (his mom was a dance teacher), but he loved to dance. So he kept at it, and whaddaya know, he became a movie star. So follow your dreams, kids!

Yes, very down-to-earth and normal, to the point where I actually got mad at him when he seemed to be developing a bit of a drinking problem.

I watched a Maggie Smith movie a few months ago (a very black comedy called Keeping Mum) in which he played a sleazy character not a million miles removed from his Donnie Darko character. I kept wondering what attracted him to such roles and whether it would hurt his career.


You can always rent 'em.