The Official and Totally Embarrassing "Roadhouse" Appreciation Thread

For some inexplicable reason, I am watching “Roadhouse” starring Patrick Swayze on TBS for the seventh time. This is such a bad movie, but why do I watch it over and over again?

Some possibilities:

-The fight scenes are really, really well done

-Ben Gazarra is a great villian, and that Jimmy Lee dude is actually very scary on screen

-My favorite pro wrestler of all time, Terry Funk is in it

-Hot chicks with great 80s hair

-The Jeff Healey Band

-Sam Elliot is in it

So despite the fact that yiou are asked to believe that there is a mountainous desert in Missouri; get past Patrick Swayze removing a knife from the same guy twice; that Wesley’s nephew’s nose is already bleeding before Swayze hits the first time (office fight scene); that you are asked to buy into Patrick Swayze, at 4’9" and 110 pounds , being a bouncer; and that someone with a PhD in Philospohy would end up as a bouncer… . .

I can’t stop watching this train wreck! I guess what Roadhouse is is a 2 hour excuse to turn off your brain! :slight_smile:

You’re lost!
I dunno though, sometimes I’ll eat some candy or something until I’m sick. Maybe you need to see this thing in the same light…

I think he’s 5’10" (still pretty tiny for bouncer). Geez he’s 50 years old now!

I saw the film in the theater when it was first released. An if I’m surfing and it’s on, I’ll always watch for a while. There was a thread a few weeks back that asked what are your bad movies you love. I forgot this one at the time. I’m not sure how.

And speaking of fun possibilities/reasons for it’s appeal. How about Gararra’s “safari room.” Looks like he went hunting at the zoo.

Swayze was in another great guilty pleasure film of mine too. If you haven’t seen “Point Break” check it out. Keanu Reeves costars.

I would be shocked if Swayze really is 5’10 as that site claims(though he’s certainly not 4’10 either). I think his PR people have done a good job of hiding his height, just as Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, etc. have done. I mean, have you ever seen Swayze stand next to other celebs? He’s very short.

My wife watches this movie whenever it’s on. I’ve never seen it. Well, I’ve seen 36,541 bits and pieces of it, which may equal the whole thing. Or not. I never know whether I’m walking through the beginning, middle or end: they all seem alike to me.

I do have less trouble believing that a trained martial arts expert can act as a bouncer than that a Ph. D. in philosophy would work as one.

Obligatory Jabootu review of Road House. Read it along with the movie, it improves the experience.

Swayze is great in “Point Break”. I’ve seen it several times. Swayze is actually one my favorite actors, sans “Dirty Dancing” and the career killing cross dressing movie.

But he was pretty in To Wong Fu! :slight_smile:

I love Road House. It’s more violent than what I usually watch but I like Swayze and I love Sam Elliot.

I’m reading it now, it’s hilarious. Best line so far:

Meanwhile, Blindy the Wonder Cripple returns to the stage and Patrick settles in to watch, his Mullet flayed out like the crest of a tropical bird. :smiley:

Yeah, I was just talking about this today. It’s such a bad movie, but I’ll watch it when it’s on. Every damn time.

I should be ashamed to say this, but my wife was pregnant around the time of this movie’s release. If my daughter had been a son, his name would have been Dalton!


It’s so nice to see everyone getting into the Patrick Swayze Christmas spirit this year! :slight_smile:

We’ll gather at the Roadhouse with our next of kin…

Vinnie & Expano,

Sorry, but he never saus that he has a PHD in Philosphy. He has a degree in Philosphy from NYU.

There’s a big difference.

And does anyone besides me wonder where the F*** the police dpeartment in that town is?

Christ, they make Chief Wiggum look like Elliot Ness!!

Hey, don’t look at me. I told you I never saw the whole thing.

Blame Vinnie. (I bet he’s Canadian!)

I love * Road House*!!! I used to watch with my Dad. Hmmmm, I never really thought about it before, but maybe my dad shouldn’t have let me watch a movie with sex and violence like tht. Oh well, I still love it and watch it when I get the chance.


The Double Douche.


“She has entirely too many brains to have an ass like that!”

Only Sam Elliot could deliver a line like that. :smiley:

Count me in as another one who thinks it is a terrible movie, but just can’t resist watching it. Over and over and over. I think it is because of Sam Elliot. The man is just too freakin cool no matter what he is in. Something about that POS movie draws me in every time I see it on TV.

Maybe his character is like Josiah Thompson the philosophy professor at Yale and Harvard who decided to become a San Francisco private eye. He wrote a book about it - Gumshoe: Reflections in a Private Eye.