Republicans and Racist Candidates

You won’t hear this from the racist, but corporate-owned media, of the six Republican candidates since 1980, four chose to join officially racist organizations.

Three joined the officially segregated US military, and Romney joined the officially racist Mormon church.

This party must, be stopped. Spread the word.

Sigh. I’m a raging liberal and even I am tired of these posts. Will you please provide some backup for your assertions. Which officially racist organizations? Which Republican candidates? These contentless, contextless, and unsupported drive-bys are driving me nuts.

You and your ilk make liberals look bad. Please go away.

Can you try this again, but make it make sense. Try pulling back on the commas for starters.

Because if you join the military you’re personally responsibe for all their policies, just as if you are a Mormon you are personally responsible for all policies in place.

Perhaps you missed that they chose to join these organizations

Perhaps you missed the entire point of my post.

Are you seriously suggestion that every single person who joined the military during the same period is a racist, that all Mormons are racist?

Doesn’t necessarily mean they are racists, but they chose to join and participate in racist organizations without speaking out.

Shows that at a minimum, they were willing to close their eyes and support and join in evil.

Could you explain why you consider the military to be a racist organization?

Enjoy your stay, End Racism Now. What was it that Tyrell said to Roy Batty?

Just like standing in a crowd around a gang raping a woman and cheering and saluting the rapists doesn’t make a person a rapist or misogynist.

Why it has a long history of being BEHIND the curve in race relations like in world war 2, where black did NOT have a much greater opportunity than in the rest of society. I repeat, the rest of America was MUCH more equal than the military in world war 2!

It was officially segregated at the times those men joined. How you even ask that question?

Ah I see, you’re a Morman and you personally know for a fact the Mitt Romney did not speak out to his church elders about the racist policies.

Likewise your crystal ball tells you that those who joined the military did so not because of a desire to support their country despite the fact that there were clearly unfair policies, but that they simply didn’t care. You know for a fact that none of these people did anything like say, stand up for fellow soilders and fight against the inequality they saw. Good to know you’re omnicient.

I have no idea if these people are racist or not - that’s why I’m not making a claim either way.
See how that works?

Yeah, Bob Dole and George H. W. Bush fought in World War II. What racist dicks!

Also, Mitt Romney was inculcated into Mormonism from birth, so he didn’t really choose that either. Although you’d think he’d have the good grace to be embarrassed about recruiting for a racially segregated church (as well as being embarrassed that they were officially racist and segregated well into the Carter administration) but we all know that isn’t going happen.

From here.

Don’t forget that military service was not voluntary. Not everyone chose to serve.

I thought that makes you a Norwegian…:confused:

Several of the Democratic candidates since 1980 have seen military service, why are they not equally racist?

Is the other major party dramatically different? Al Gore attended segregated St Alban’s Scool in 1956, Bill Clinton was a member of a Freemasonry youth group at a time and in a state where blacks could not be Freemasons, both Dukakis and Mondale were Army vets from an era where the Army had not yet integrated in any meaningful way, and Jimmy Carter was a Naval officer from before the US Navy was integrated.

Isn’t that a silly standard to create?

But if you are going to create it, it seems to me flawed to only apply it to one party.

Which served in the segregated military?