Republicans are still running against Hillary?

The doofus plumber who is running in the Kansas GOP primary for the Senate seat being vacated by Pat Roberts, has a new TV ad where he’s sitting there with his wife who is rattling off all of his “qualifications”, one of which is “hates Hillary”. Which is stupid. She’s not even running for anything this year. How is “hating Hillary” even remotely relevant, much less a reason to vote for someone?

Any other Republicans in your area still running on an anti-Hillary platform?

they figure it worked last time. :slight_smile:

You clearly don’t see just how big a problem her emails were. :wink:

Hey, whatever gets votes.

I see more attack ads from GOP candidates down-balloy using Pelosi, Schumer and AOC as punching bags than the Democratic nominee.

Not to mention the sex slave operation in the pizza parlor basement.

I haven’t seen the commercial, but on paper it strikes me as kind of funny. Sort of like a guy interviewing to coach the Chicago Bears who names one of his qualifications as “hates Brett Favre” – even though Favre hasn’t played for the rival Packers for more than a decade. It’s a way of assuring his audience, “I get you.”

Of course, the fact that he’s using an approach like this to try to become of one of the 100 members of our most powerful legislative body isn’t funny at all.

What about Benghazi?!?!? Has there been a bigger political scandal in the last few years? Trey Gowdy is still working the case. And looking for a competent barber.

Just wait if Susan Rice is named Biden’s VP nominee!

The RW is all about litmus tests*. For a lot of RW folks, hating Hillary is one of the badges of membership. No badge, no entry. Mr. Plumber is reassuring his voters that he does have that all-important badge.

* Actually litmus tests are the hallmark of extremists of all stripes. Witness the Bernie Bros who couldn't / didn't vote for Hillary last time because she didn't pass the socialist wacko litmus test. Look where that got them. But they did retain their all important doctrinal purity.

Some of the hard core LW is now trying to drag Biden so far out that instead of sensible Rs voting for Biden (voting against Trump really), those sensible Rs will choose to abstain. Which is much less effective at defeating Trump than a vote for Biden would be.

Meantime the LW wackos are threatening that they’ll be the ones staying home if Biden doesn’t go wacko LW.

The big difference between the LW & RW wacko factions today is the LWs are WAG ~10% of their party and the RWs are demonstrably ~40% of theirs.

I wish, she could take Benghazi and shove it back at them in shades. So what about those bounties on US troops? Or what about being friends with Kim Jong Un, what did that get you? What about the way you treat our Allies? Trump is definitely a Dotard next to her and will not just take like Hillary did.

Running against Hillary? Hell, Republicans are still running against BILL.

I was surprised when none of the local GOP Candidates came out as anti-Hillary.

This, in TN. Trump/Tea Farty country.