Republicans' war on transgender people: Omnibus thread

Do we have an omnibus thread for Republicans’ war on transgender people yet? If not, let me start one with this. Apparently even full-grown adults can’t be trusted to make the decision to transition in Florida. At least, not if they’re poor.

Oh, by the way, he did this on the first day of Pride Month, just to twist the knife in.

Fucking Florida. :rage:

Ohio is trying to pass legislation requiring any student, at any time, to submit to an unwanted inspection of their internal and external reproductive anatomy

Show of hands, who’s surprised that the party of “The Dems are grooming your children!” would try to legalize the sexual assault of said children?

Seems quite sensible to me. Only take elective medical treatments that will fundamentally alter your body if you’re old enough to appreciate the risk and can afford to pay for it yourself.

Internal!!? Will every principal have a speculum in their desk? Or will it be mounted on the wall next to the paddle?

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but somehow I suspect not.

Parents make decisions about “elective medical treatments that will fundamentally alter your body” every day. They’re called braces.

Ahem, they don’t care about that gender. They care about “boys pretending to be girls” . . . in other words, we could say that what they want is to see teen penis.

They don’t get enough in their private lives?

I guess my sister shouldn’t have had her knees fixed so she could walk without them popping out then. It’s just as “elective” as transitioning, as she could have just put up with it, despite how much it decreased her quality of life, making it where she couldn’t run.

God forbid we leave these decisions to the medical professionals, and not to politicians trying to score points in a culture war and create another scapegoat to avoid blame.

I hope this is sarcastic mockery of Republican transphobia. If not, either go educate yourself or go fuck yourself.

I think it makes sense to limit genital surgery until they are older. That is something which will have long-lasting consequences and is not reversible. I’m not sure that a child is mature enough to understand the full consequences enough to make that decision. Things like hormone therapy and breast reduction, although also serious decisions, are easier to reverse and would have less of an effect should they want to do things differently.

Part of the reason I feel this way is that modern transgenderism doesn’t seem to be based around sex-based changes. It seems more about personal preferences and if someone feels more aligned with a certain gender. A child may think they have to physically transition, but that’s not necessarily the case. When they get older they can better decide if they want their genitals one way or the other because they will be more sexually mature at that point and can decide what’s right for them. But if they are young, I’m not sure that they are ready to make that decision.

You think teens are undergoing sexual reassignment surgery?

Yes, but it would be girls suspected of being boys that would be the ones tested.

As many sexual abuse/assault reports we get from about athletic doctors, an excuse to inspect an underage girl’s anatomy seems right up their ally.

Why wouldn’t they? If it’s not prohibited, I’m sure some teens will get genital reassignment surgery. Teens do all kinds of things to their bodies. And if they’re not doing it, then prohibiting it shouldn’t be a big deal.

I agree, and so does the majority of the medical establishment. Which is why gender reassignment surgery on minors is extremely rare, if done at all, and hormonal therapy is pretty much all that is done at those ages.

Unfortunately, much of the transphobic right doesn’t share your view, and considers hormone therapy to be child abuse. The rely on ignorance as to what is actually done for minors in order to perpetuate their hateful agenda.

Gender affirming care for trans or non-binary youth reduces chances that the youth will attempt suicide by as much as 40%.

Call that “elective” if you want, but you’re advocating for policies that will lead directly to more dead children.

For anyone wondering, they’re not. Well, not under 18 at least.

Republicans are telling ghost stories about parents lopping off the penis as they cut the umbilical cord. It’s a political form of blood libel. It’s basically CRT but much more perverse.

It’s literally this pathetic joke from the era when portraying college boys spying on girls in the shower was seen as nothing more than hilarious hijinks.