Repurposing Previously Installed ADT Security Equipment

Howdy Dopers,

Our home was previously equipped with ADT door/window/glass break sensors, as well as a Honeywell Keypad and the ADEMCO VISTA 15P 6 Zone Control Panel.

I was looking at going with either Eufy or Kasa home security, but now I’m wondering if we can’t just get an upgraded wifi enabled keypad, get the system operational, then have a local security monitoring…? Can this old equipment be used with a newer keypad?

ADT has been relentless in begging us for service to the point of being pushy. We 100% do not want to use ADT but I am curious if I can salvage any of these previously installed equipment.

When I moved into my house about a decade ago there was an ADT Vista 15 panel on the wall but no service from them.

Some internet searching led to the Installer Manual for the panel and I was delighted to be able to “take over” the whole thing and re-program it to my desired features.

I never went as far as looking for what you are, but if you can’t find the documentation, I still have the PDFs and would be happy to send you a copy.

If you’re interested in a monitoring company, I suggest you call a few and see if they have an interface that will work with your equipment.

One thing: The Vista 15, as mine was equipped (a decade ago) really wanted to use a landline to communicate with a central station. That may or may not be your case.

I repurposed my ADT system by cancelling the monitoring feature and simply using the in-house audio alarm. I did this because the only time it was activated, it took the police 30 minutes to respond which was not the fault of ADT but revealed how little a security system has to offer in my urban area.

Prior to cancelling, I disconnected the phone line from the panel because after a customer cancels, ADT places a call to your number, communicates with the panel and completely deactivates all security features rendering it inoperative.

Good point.

A little background: If it’s installed properly, the panel will be plugged into a special switching jack (RJ31, I think). This jack is right off the phone company lines and actually interrupts the connection so the alarm panel can sieze control of the line when it needs to call the monitoring station. (Keeps it from being interrupted if someone were to pick up an inside phone.) If the jack is properly wired, unplugging the panel from Telco causes no problem as the jack bypasses the panel. If not wired correctly, unplugging the panel could disconnect you from your Telco.

It’s a simple re-wire if you know what you’re doing.

Whatever ADT installed in the OP’s home may or may not still be company property.

“Any equipment ADT installs in your home remains their property unless you have a written agreement with them that says otherwise. This means you’re basically paying to rent ADT equipment for the duration of your contract. At the termination of your contract, ADT has the right to remove, disable or abandon any of the equipment they own. Typically, they’ll simply leave the equipment on the house, and you (or a new owner, if you sell) can re-activate service at any time. If you have existing, previously-installed equipment at your house when you start your ADT contract, that equipment is, and will remain to be, your property.”

I don’t know how or if ADT could permanently deactivate door and window sensors (as opposed to deactivating the security panel) but I know of at least one other company that has attempted to control consumers’ access to equipment in such a fashion.

At any rate, there could be roadblocks in getting another firm to “take over” ADT’s hardware.

Compared to wifi/4g systems, ADT’s hardwire setup seems ridiculously complicated.

Hopefully if nothing else their sensor installation wiring can at least be used.

I’m probably just going to go with w Eufy, Simplisafe or Kasa. My folk’s house has Vivint which works off cell towers so even when there’s no power/wifi it still works.