Request for new smilie

This smilie would be a milder variant of “roll-eyes”.

It would be invoked with the phrase " :dubious: ".

It denotes raised eyebrows and general skepticism. ( Oh really? )

I will email a couple of possible candidates to the webmaster of

I must admit, though, my attempts are a little crude. (Thanks, BTW, to tshirts, the inventor of the “wry” smilie on that page. In fact, thank-you tshirts for creating that web page.)

Oh, as an aside, who gave us the happy orthodox jewish man?

flowbark - The staff are discussing right now how to handle smiley requests. Please be patient.

I can be patient.

As an aside, I’m liking my “raised eyebrow” smiley less and less. Perhaps someone could improve upon it.

It also occurs to me that an icon of a figure with a magnifying glass might convey a similar idea.

“Roll eyes” conveys dismissal to me, while “dubious”, “raised eyebrows” or “a figure with a magnifying glass” conveys an asserted desire for greater scrutiny or precision.

There are several things to figure out, for example how many smilies do we want to add (my opinion - none, but the other mods have berated me for being a curmudgeon), making sure that we’re not breaking a copyright, etc…

I’m with you, Arnold Winkelried. Curmudgeon or no, the smilies must go! I wouldn’t actually propose doing away with them, but new ones? Pff.

I hearby declare that my 2 cruddy :dubious: smilies are in the public domain. :slight_smile:

New smilies: yes, within reason. *

Animated smilies: absolutely not!

  • I’d sort of like to see a gif-smilie that would be the equivalent of the old ASCII smilie :Z i.e., a wry half-smile, half frown kind of face.

And a glazed-eye smilie would be nice, too

I noticed also from reading this thread
that the opinion on new smilies is far from unanimous. Maybe I can start a “ban the smilies” movement! :stuck_out_tongue:

Better not go for irony. You’re much better suited to the role of curmudgeon :smiley:

Personally I think smilies are great when they’re not too distracting (i.e. animated). I’d love to see more of them.

Anyway, I just submitted a bunch of smilies to tshirts’s page, including my attempt at a “dubious” smilie (which is not, I discovered, the easiest facial expression to capture in smilie form).


I think we need a smiley depicting this

Devilman: Thanks for the contributions. They look great. I especially liked psycho. Impaled was pretty good as well.

I made another attempt at :dubious: . I based it this time on Devilman’s fine work. I hope he doesn’t mind.

Oh, and let me publically thank tshirts for being so kind as to maintain the proposed smiley webpage:

Other contributions are welcome.

If you want to submit smilies for the poll please check the thread on that subject in ATMB for submission criteriao.

P.S. a post by tshirts discussing board administration was moved to The BBQ Pit, the proper forum for such posts.

I didn’t think that was off-topic, and certainly was not intended to be a criticism.

I’m not interested in starting Pit threads, since it’s not a very “proper” forum :wink:

But since you have done that for me I think it’s fair to provide a link (Isn’t that usually your line?):