Request for Robin Williams on Parkinson

There was an episode of Parkinson which had Stephen Fry and Robin Williams. If someone can, please post it on youtube.
Here is Robin on Parkinson with Ben and Bond

In the episode was James Taylor also. Funny man Robin Williams chats incessantly with Parkinson and Stephen Fry attempts to squeeze a word in about his book ‘A Peruvian Diary’

No Stephen Fry fans out there !

I’ll just have a little rant here.

I cant STAND Robin Williams,he’s a smug ,self satisfied ex? Cocaine dependent comic"actor",I use inverted commas because he’s the same in every bloody thing that he’s been in,who thinks that because he was in a comedy about being an alien he has somehow the right to preach about right and wrong to us ordinary mortals.

To be fair to him a lot of comedians,sorry "Life observers"or what ever the hell they are this week think the same thing.

You want to give people sermons?
Then for fucks sake go to Uni and do a Divinity degree NOT take up a career supposedly trying to make people laugh.

If I pay to see an entertainer I expect to be entertained not to be given a sermon by some overpaid hypocrite,and that goes for bleeding rockstars lecturing me on the plight of the third World.

Oh yes I’m a fucking guitar player and famous so I know all about logistics,farming and economics,mind you I only claimed expenses and charged no actual fee for playing at a concert seen all over the world to a HUGE audience that coincidentally put me and my mates back in the public eye after a bit of a lull and to our complete and total surprise made our record sales rocket!

Thanks a lot you bunch of self serving money grabbing bastards.

Er I meant philantropists of course,bit of a typo there.
God that felt good,oh yes!

Thankyou for your time ,I suppose you’d rather I leave the party now before I embarrass the host,my SF and the other guests anymore…I’ll get my coat.