Request for suggestions: cheese dairies in Vermont.

I’m considering going on a casual tour of Vermont cheese dairies next month. Do you have any suggestions for where to go? I’d especially like a recommendation for aged Cheddar. A few already on the list or being considered:

  • Vermont Sheppard: makers of Invierno and Verano cheese.
  • Cabot: yeah, it’s a conglomerate by Vermont standards but they make some nice cheeses. Their clothbound Cheddar is good.
  • Jasper Hill Farms: unfortunately it doesn’t look like they have anything open to the public at the dairy.

Dunno, but the Ben & Jerry’s plant tour in Waterbury is definitely worth taking:

The Vermont Cheese House in Arlington has some excellent cheddars. Their Truck Driver cheese is superb, though I don’t think they have a tour of the dairy.

Oooh, that’s a good one; thanks RC! It’s perfect: a quality cheese that’s only available in the local area. It’s on the list.

In case anybody was to stumble upon this thread, I found the Vermont Cheese Trail!

Shelburne Farms outside Burlington has amazing cheese and a restaurant on site that uses produce and products from the farm.

Terentaise, not cheddar, but this is a nice little family farm (they make cheese only from their own cows):

I lived in Vermont in 2001, and visited the farm then — nice family. Kids would be about 30 now — I wonder if they are still involved with the farm.

I haven’t been, but their cheddar is delicious.

Grafton cheddar in Brattleboro, and the Vermont Country Store in Weston and Rockingham. They both have TONS of FREE samples.

Grafton makes their own cheese, and sometimes has a 7 year old cheddar.
VT country store sells cheese from many different VT producers.

Don’t forget to check out local farmers markets, usually on the weekends. You can usually find random cheese makers there, often with FREE samples.

Queechee Gorge Village has a Cabot cheese section in their store. Lots of FREE sample of every thing they make.

Yes, I love free samples. I think my fav cheeses have to be smoked. But my all time fav is the trucker cheese in Arlington. 10 years old I think?

Be warned, like wine old cheese costs more.

I have no cheesy suggestions, but whenever I’m in the New England area, especially Vermont, I make sure and get some maple sugar candies. Nowadays I have to give most of them away or the box lingers for weeks, but I like the taste and I like sharing, so it works out pretty good. :smiley: Just thought I’d throw that idea out there.