Request - thread on the temporary board

It’s a bit cheeky, I know. But if just one thread could be saved from that board, could it be the nine page religious epic in GD? There were some wonderful moments in it, including an actual consensus between Spiritus Mundi and Libertarian - something which should definitely be preserved for the record!


Scylla’s thread on flea circuses in Comments on Cecil’s Columns is another one worth saving too and not just because The Perfect Master replied to him.

Can someone please post the address for the temporary board, so that I can see what was posted on a thread last night. Thanks.

The temporary board


Well, Kabbes, my friend, we can always testify that we were there. But will anyone believe us? :wink:

Well how do you know that we were there? Is it not just atoms influencing neural pathways? Such things can be faked. The words you read are not the author.


Ah, moral choices — what life is all about. Shall I decide that it was real, or shall I decide that it was a unicorn?

Or, indeed, a squid. Giant, invisible, green AND pink.

And owning all the water on earth. :wink:

QED. I think we have proved our point.