Why was Inigo Montoya's 'Come here, I wanna tell you something!' thread closed?

Was it deemed a violation of the ‘wishing harm on a poster’ rule? Because I really saw it as the equivilant of a good natured rubber band fight.

Just curious, no flaming argument against the decsion, or I would have put this in the Pit.

I would suggest emailing SkipMagic. He closed it.

Yeah, it cracked me up. I bookmarked it.

My guess is “too mundane and pointless.” I disagree, but I’m guessing that’s the reason.

Thank you, samclem. I did just that.

Harumph. That thread looked like fun, too.

Yep. Looks like I didn’t go back to tag on a reason. I’ll go ahead and take care of that now.


Too bad we never found out the incantation for the Jelly-Legs jinx . . .

Expellio Moderamus!

Any more behind-the-scenes discussion on the possibility of considering the pondering of opening a games/gaming forum? Seems the perfect place for this sort of “rubberband flinging”. (Great metaphor, by the way!)

If we offer a whole forum dedicated to letting people vent rage (the Pit), seems only fair and equitable to offer one dedicated to building camaraderie and a sense of fun, y’know? Why only foster the negative interpersonal relationships?

And there went the ThreadKilller thread. Mercifully. Funny that the mod note mentions a post of mine on page one.

I think most people would say MPSIMS “balances” off the Pit; another complete forum for even goofier stuff would tilt the whole deal.

I found a great place for your game threads where you won’t have Nazi mods like Skip shutting them down. Check it out.

We do not foresee anything new for a while, not sure what th new owners want to do. They’ll get to us in good time. In the meantime we’ll just keep on as we are.

Pantaloonius Poopitus!!

Oh, right, I forgot about that. Thanks for the reply, anyway!

Thanks. It comes easily to mind. I keep rubber bands wrapped around my lighter. I roll my own cigs, and keep my loose tobbaco in pouches that roll up, held shut by a rubber band. When it breaks, I have another close to hand. They migrate from newspaper to lighter, and I usually carry about three disposable lighters, with about 5-8 rubber bands on each. I’m not the guy you want to start a rubber band fight with, I’ve remarked before.

stretches one and takes aim at Skipmagic, but thinks better of it.

lol you are the burr under the saddle of the mods, CarnalK, and as such perform a useful function on the board.

Reminds me of those guys who stood in the chariot beside Roman generals as they rode through the streets of the capitol in their Triumph, whispering in their ear “Remember, you are mortal”. :slight_smile: