Requiem for a Dreamcast

Its official- Sega has called it quits in the gaming system manufacturing biz. Meaning that my Dreamcast, which has brought me so much gaming pleasure (and pain, thankyouverymuch for the permanent thumb damage Tony Hawk 2) is essentially a dead system. I’ma gonna miss you- you let me ride a skateboard as Spiderman, impale vampires, spray paint Neo Tokyo on rollerskates, play football over the 'net, revisit the world of survival horror, drive the Dick Dastardly-mobile, play tennis with a wok, drive a taxi through the streets of San Francisco, kill zombies with a gun AND typewriter, get yelled at by an ill-tempered fish, dance the universe to safety, and fish in my living room.

I’m off to find a site with instructions on how to solder a 32x on top of it…

Sure the Dreamcast is dead in the water, but their software division is going to be their main focus now. They’ve already announced that they will make games for the PS2 and other next generation systems in the future. I, for one, haven’t owned a Sega console since the Genesis due to their horrid track record of rushing a system out the door to the beat the competitor to the punch and then dropping support of that system as soon as they can slap together something new. To me, their strongest suit has always been their games, and it doesn’t bother me one bit that they won’t be manufacturing consoles any longer as long as they will continue to put out new games for other systems.

Yep, like ML said, they should do fine in the software market. If nothing else, their stock has skyrocketed (more or less) since rumors started circulating about their developing software for the PS2.

Are they going to continue to make games for the Dreamcast that I just not more than 1 week ago paid $150.00 for or am I up shit creek without the proverbial paddle? Making games for a system that I can’t even buy? Why does that not make any sense to me?

My question is what other systems? The only thing out is the PS2 and that’s supposedly a bear to develop for (not that they won’t release Virtua Fighter 4- blech- for it) not to mention being overpriced and a mediocre DVD player. This lack of competition is going to SUCK.

Where did you read this rumor? We talked about it on another message board & it was a load of bunk. They just put out Phantasy Star Online, I don’t think they are going to just dump the Dreamcast now. Shenmue has 15 more chapters coming.

It was in the news earlier. Yeah, they are going to develop games for PS2 and N64. It’s a shame, Dreamcast was such a nifty little system. Oh well, their online division is still going to be going, I believe, it is just the consoles that are dead.

Sega has stated that they will continue to support the Dreamcast for the remainder of 2001, but as of March 31 they will cease production of the console. There will be a price drop to $99 (sorry cheezit :frowning: ) on the systems currently in stores, but after that no more DC. Here’s a story from ZDNet’s GameSpot and here’s another one from that discusses the games Sega will make for the PS2 and perhaps the Gamecube or the X-Box.

So, they are going to drop the price of the console to $99.00. Well, excuse me, but what a big bally-hoo whoop-t-do!! If they don’t make any more games for it, it wouldn’t make any difference if the console was free for crying out loud! Why would anybody buy a game machine for nothing more than a dust catcher? I guess in retrospect, I should have waited for another year or so until the PS2 people had caught up on their production.

Now if there was a way to make the PS2 games work on a Dreamcast machine…

Didn’t see anything about this there at US.

Maybe its for the Japanese DC?

PRice at is $149.00

BTW, N64 & PS both went to $99.00 …sure to happen someday with the DC. But with online discounts, etc, like at BestBuy, you could probably get one for $99 right now.

Oh, its definite that they’re phasing it out. The price drop has been confirmed by SoA. To add insult to injury, I got my latest issue of Official DreamCast Magazine (ODCM) yesterday and there was an insert:

Dear Dreamcast Subscriber,

Effective with the March/April 2001 issue of The Official Dreamcast Magazine, we will no longer include a demo GD-ROM. We know that not receiving a GD-ROM is a disappointment, but we understand that Sega is developing a new approach for distributing previews of the newest games (yeah, on other systems). Blah blah blah…