Required reading for newbies (and some oldbies too)

Has some pretty good tips, eh?

I especially like #1 and #2 under Do’s and Dont’s! (Even though I’ve been guilty of #1 a time or two.

(10) DON’T send a message that says nothing but “Me, too.” This is most annoying when combined with (1) or (2) above. Ditto for “I don’t know.”
This is why I only have 200 posts in 6 months! :slight_smile:

Yes, some very good tips, indeed. I especially like the examples:

This sentence just makes me smile. I totally agree with its sentiments, but I was not expecting it.

This is my favourite. I haven’t had it happen here, but it’s happened to me SO many other times on other message boards.

My online pet peeve is Americans who assume that everyone who can read and write in English is American, or at least has a deep longing to be one. I even had a long, drawn out fight with someone who told me in no uncertain terms that everyone in the entire world wanted to be an American. Near the end of the fight, I finally managed to convince him that I didn’t want to be one. He then changed his view to reflect that any sane person would want to be an American.

Thanks much for the link. I’m guilty, guilty, guilty as charged.

Yep. When in Rome, shoot roman candles.