Rescue dog with neuticles opinions, please.

The rescue group I’m volunteering with has recently aquired a Rottie with neuticles. In my opinion, thats about the silliest thing ever, but at least the dog can’t reproduce.

The debate we are currently having is if we should put out the money to have them removed because of appearance. As rescue people, we strongly encourage people to have their pets neutored, so showing a dog who doesn’t look like he’s been fixed might make it seem like we don’t care. Others of us think that money is tight and the dog can’t reproduce, so lets spend that money fixing another dog or cat.

What’s your opinion, please?

(I do have to confess that when we met the dog and were told that he had neuticles, all of us had to feel him up. In the middle of a large Petstore. They felt pretty natural. Rescue people can be rather strange at times.)

My take as a male is that somebody has already messed with the poor guy’s nuts, he’s fixed and can’t create more homeless dogs, problem solved - now just leave his nuts alone! At this point, messing with his junk is just doing unnecessary surgery.

I think neuticles are an absurd idea. Finding out that the Kardashians used neuticles just makes me hate them (both Kardashians and neuticles) even more.
But, still, if it were me, I’d use the money to save another animal’s life and wouldn’t worry about getting rid of the neuticles.

Unnecessary money spent on removing them. Unnecessary risk to the dog. Maybe someone will want a dog that looks whole, even if it isn’t. Could be a selling point.

Put up an informational sign [del]rambling on about[/del] describing how you always fix your dogs, but he has neuticles, etc., if it bothers some people.

ETA: Did they seem naturally sized? Somehow, I’d expect someone who had them “installed” might get them a size or two larger.

but, but, if neuticles didn’t exist I wouldn’t have one of my all time favorite insults to drop on people!

another vote for making a sign saying hes sporting fake nuts and has in fact been fixed. sign < removal surgery

For the record, I’m firmly in the “lets spend the money to save another critter” camp.

The sign idea is a good one. I think that people are making a real big deal out of nothing. The dog can’t reproduce and I think that’s what is important. If the new dog slave wants them removed, slave can pay for it.

ZenBeam, I have to confess to ignorance as to the size question. I’m usually on the cat side of rescue, so I have no idea how big balls normally are on a dog that size. And now I’m cracking up because I never thought I’d be wondering about normal sized dog balls before. Dang…I really love the Dope :slight_smile:

Installing neuticals is stupid but removing them for non-medical reasons is even stupider.

Dog rescuer chiming in: as a health issue, I would recommend having them removed because (as the senior gentlemen of the Dope can attest), over the years, the weight of the gonads/Neuticles will stretch the scrotal sack.

I remember seeing a 12-year-old intact male Boxer dog whose scrotum had stretched so much, his testicles banged against his hocks (ankles) when he moved at any speed above a fast walk. I concede that the adopter could defer removing the implants until they became a problem. However, older animals are at greater risk of surgical complications, so I would advise removing them sooner rather than later.

All that said, if money is tight, I would make very sure I explained these issues to a potential adopter and would include a rider in the dog’s adoption contract stating the adopter has been informed and advised as to the pros and cons of leaving/removing the implants yadda yadda…

Don’t spend the money to remove the fake balls, use it to rescue another animal. But do put up a sign informing people that this dog has Neuticles. It might be a selling point, and my opinion is that undergoing another surgery might stress the dog some more.

You know, thinking about the comments people have made about this being a selling point… I would like to think that the people out there who care if their dog looks like it has testicles are few and far between, but after thinking about it some more, maybe it would help the dog get more attention and get adopted faster just because this neuticle thing is so weird. Does anyone in the group have a good sense of humor? Maybe they can come up with something funny to put on the sign making light of how ridiculous the neuticles are? :slight_smile:

(a) I think an owner of a dog sporting balls is going to have more trouble because people will look at Duke and assume that he can breed their Daisy. The owner will be looked at as a local lecher who’s too cheap and stupid to neuter their dog.

(b) As was said above, I think having them in could be a problem down the road… but I guess many women with implants haven’t had problems…

© I think this is a perfect thing to take to Put up your story and how you don’t want to take away from existing funds. I bet there are plenty of people who would kick in money to take care of this. And it could also promote the idea the neuticles are a very stupid thing to do to your animal.

How much does it cost to have them removed?

Thank you all for your opinions. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to keep up with this thread, I was out of town for the weekend. I’m happy to learn that my opinion is the sane one.

EEEKKK!!! That poor dog!!!

Enkel, I was totally embarrassed while walking the dog at adoptions because I got dirty looks. Having the neuticles removed will cost what it would cost to neutor him, he’s a big boy, so we are looking at $75-100. (our vet gives us an awesome discount.)

I’ve been reading the rescue group emails and they are split about 50/50. My suggestion, which is now being debated, is to ask our vet if he will give the new owner the same deal just this once. Most people who adopt from rescues are sensitive to the overpopulation problem and I don’t think they will like having a dog that looks intact.

For anyone who is wondering, the neuticles didn’t make the dog mean or fierce or “manly” or anything. He’s a big mushy goofball, who loves to get belly rubs from strangers, carefully takes treats offered by small children, and totally ignores cats. He was right there when I spilled some catfood, though. His handler tried to stop him from eating it, but that big tongue was too fast. He’s good on the leash, and sits and stays on command. He speaks, but with a high pitched happy yip that probably wouldn’t scare anyone.

I liked him a lot. Its not his fault that his last owner was an idiot. Hopefully, he will get a smarter owner now.