Rescue Dogs

I sent the following e-mail to the public relations department at Ralston/Purina.

"I hope this makes it to the person who makes this decision but…

How bout…

Purina send bags of dog food and vet care to the dogs that are trying to rescue people in the WTC tragedy.

I heard many dogs are getting cut from broken glass and there was a need for dog food to be donated.

I would certainly change my pet food brand - if I heard that you people did this for those heroic dogs."

Sent to:

Think I'll get a response?

Anyone read about this story?

I only heard it on Fox News, so... I want to verify it.

Take care.

Sorry I can’t recall which station I saw this on. The rescue dogs were getting fatigued because the smoke and ash were getting into their nose and ears. They have set up a shelter for the dogs so that they can eat, rest, get cleaned up and go for walks - away from the mess.

Also it seems some organization is trying to locate any animals that the WTC victims may have owned. They would like to locate the animals to be sure that they are cared for.

Hadn’t heard this but I’d be suprised if the rescue/cadaver dogs need chow, etc. I’m going from previous general reading but my understanding is they’re highly trained from puppyhood and most handlers are fierecly protective of them. I seem to recall reading some handlers pack in their own water, not trusting to local sources.

I’d wondered about respiratory stress, given their acute sense of smell. With all the broken glass and steel shards it’s probably inevitable that their pads will get cut.

Surely there are associations for rescue and cadaver dogs that could accept donations to help offset vet bills, if nothing else.


From my boss at work, God bless her. We’re going to do a work mailing on Monday.

To all the dog lovers who want to help during this time of crisis:

The Search and Rescue Dogs in New York are in need of the following supplies. We don’t recommend sending money as they need the supplies more.

Dog booties or Mutlucks, Antibiotic ointment, Vet wrap, disposable food and water bowls, shampoo, eye wash, and ear wash.

Please send to:

Rescue Dog Supplies
New York City Offices
c/o Search and Response
61 Chambers St.
New York, NY 10007

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I know Elenfair has sent a couple of her SAR dogs down to NYC, and a couple more might be going soon. She said she knows that some won’t be coming back, that always happens…but that they are willing to do the work. I would like to salute trainers like her for their part in helping with the rescue efforts.


Does anyone know if it would be useful to send these supplies from across the country, or would it take too long to get shipments in for them to do any good? So far, I’ve just given money, since the mail wasn’t moving.

Hi y’all, I got this e-mail from the three dog bakery, the dog bakeries that are all over the country. They’ve started up a collection for the search and rescue dogs to buy them boots to protect their pads. The rest of the money will go to help defer the cost of their food and to help with the pets of the people killed in the crashes.
Here’s the email I received.

Dear Dog Loving Friends,

We hope this letter finds its way to you - and to your hearts. Like the rest of the nation, we’ve watched the events unfolding in NYC and Washington, DC with disbelief, with horror, with sorrow.

Unfortunately, so often during a crisis, our loved pets can be forgotten or unintentionally left to fend for themselves. Can you help us help them?

We are getting supplies of food, treats and dog boots for the rescue dogs who need nourishment and protection for their paws while they work. The rubble and steel can destroy and infect the pads of a dog’s paw, rendering them useless in their rescue work. The search dogs are working so hard to locate and save human lives that they are wearing through their boots at a rapid pace. We want to be sure they are protected.

Supplies of food and treats will also be donated to displaced dogs and other pets whose owners cannot be there to care for them.

Please help. Mail your checks to:

The Gracie Foundation
1627 Main St., 7th Fl.
Kansas City, MO 64108

Or donate by credit card by calling 1-888-535-DOGS (3647) or 1-800-4-TREATS (487-3287) Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.

Thank you in advance for any help whatsoever. No gift is too small. God bless you and God bless our great country.

Dan and Mark
Founders of Three Dog Bakery