Resentful Alex Eames

I think my favorite part of the Eames/Goren dynamic is that she has some unresolved resentment of the guy and it leaks out now and then. When she admitted that it did worry her that he might drag her down with him, but decided the damage had already been done; when she put the rat in his drawer.

Were there other examples? When she alluded on the stand to having once requested a different partner, did that occur before the series started? Is her guard up around Nichols?

I know there have been other examples. Very early in the show’s run, she was not happy that everyone acted like he was the senior detective even though she was. I can’t think of any more offhand though.

She’s only been partnered with Nichols once and she was so shocked he knew so much about German terrorists from the 70s/80s to really say anythnig else. Plus, I think it was really distracting that Alex from Lost was a teenage suicide bomber.

I can’t easily see new episodes here in Korea, but according to Wikipedia, she and Nichols will be partnering up a lot more this season.

Yeah, probably not so much.

[spoiler]Goren, Eames, Wheeler and the Captain are all leaving within the first few episodes of the next season.[/spoiler]

Relevant, if only somewhat.

:frowning:Can’t say I’ll miss the other two much, but I’ve always been a fan of Nicholson and was glad she had such a public gig going.

Oh man, I hate that they’re losing Goren and the Captain. I liked Eames much better than Wheeler, but I can do without her. But the others? ARGH!!

And I never thought I’d like anyone that replaced Jaimie Sheridan in the first place.

Wait a minute…it was Eames that put the rat in Goren’s drawer that time?? I don’t remember that being shown. I just remember Goren opening the drawer and closing it really fast then looking around the squad room. How did were we supposed to know it was Eames that put it in there?

Eames did write a letter requesting a new partner early in their relationship, it came out in a later episode when she was on the stand, after she had already learned how to deal with Goren. I remember Goren said to her “I am an…acquired taste”.

I hate that D’onofrio and others are leaving but I love Jeff Goldblum so I’ll keep watching.

I’ve barely been watching the show since the move to USA and I haven’t seen Jeff Goldblum in it at all, I hate his acting style. I can’t believe that they’re purging the show and he is who gets to stay. Another show that’s dead to me.

Goldblum is actually really good in it. So if only one character had to stay, I’m glad it was him. Of course, I like his acting style, so YM (obviously) MV.

We don’t, it could’ve been anyone in the squad. But she was so pissed off at him for not keeping her in the loop and she’s more steeped in “cop culture” than he is. It absolutely makes the most sense to me that she’s the one who did it.