Law & Order: CI has a return date

Just found this out recently, the show’s coming back with new episodes on March 30. We’re also getting to see the last few episodes for legendary detective Goren. DOnofio totally killed it on this show for so long, I wonder how his character’s going to go out…

Yes, it is a pity that we will continue to see anything of Mr. V-D. I agree he did indeed kill the show.

If the last few seasons are any indication, by ODing on a giant bag of cheetos.

Are you implying that D’Onofrio is leaving the show? If so, does that mean that Jeff Goldblum will be on full time? I’d watch it if I knew I could see Goldblum and avoid D’Onofrio.

Ya, Goren and Eames are going to be in the first few episodes and then they are done. That means that Det. Nichols (Goldblum) is going to be taking over the duties as lead detective.

I’m the first one to revive this thread? Seriously?

I’ve never watched this version of L&O, other than a few minutes in passing. I just thought it was too ponderous. But I’ve tried to watch the Goldblum episodes, as I find him fascinating.

Anyway, I watched tonight’s episode. Whoa, baby!!! This could be good!

That’s all I’ll say, lest any of you DVRers out there haven’t seen it yet. Looking forward to lots of insightful commentary in the near future, though…TRM

Great premiere if you ask me…loved the Goren and Nichols worked together for a bit and I know the series is going to be in capable hands with Nichols.

The episode continues in Loyalty, Part 2 tonight as well!

Just watched the second part of the season-opener and I’m curious: why wasn’t Goren in uniform at the funeral?

I’ve said it before - D’Onofrio’s final episode should involve him interrogating a suspect played by R. Lee Ermey. Then when D’Onofrio can trot out the clichéd pop-psychology about violence stemming from a lack of parental love, Ermey can grab a gun, shoot D’Onofrio, then himself.

They might not be available in his size…?

Pretty good ending. They always said Goren would drag Eames down with him, and he sort of did.

What a dick move, making Eames fire Goren.

I’m sad to see the two of them leave, and I’m also sad that Wheeler doesn’t appear to be coming back. It feels like an entirely new show, with the cast changes happening so quickly. I’m still getting to know Nichols; I would have liked some more transition time with the long-standing characters.

It was a pretty good 2-parter to start the season.

Was totally shocked when Ross got whacked! I thought maybe he was going Bad Cop, that would have been a great story line for the season. Very good scene when Goren and Eames demanded to be allowed into the crime scene, and wasn’t it shocking to see the ME so upset and crying!! That got to me.

I am also sad to see Goren go, but I kinda thought his character would be killed off. It did make sense that it was the end of the line for Goren as a detective though, it was time for him to go, genius or not.

I also wondered about him not wearing his dress blues at the funeral. I was surprised that Eames didn’t make a snarky comment about that. I think maybe that was to show that Goren was alienating himself from the force and played into the point that it was time he be relieved of duties permanently.

But Eames quitting made less sense to me. I guess that was just her way of standing by her partner no matter what. I will miss her common sense, sideways glances and great one liners! She would have been great as captain

I love Zach Nichols, so I will definitely be watching this season. I am not sure about his new partner or if I will like the new captain, but it’s about time they have a woman in charge in Major Case!

It has been very quietly established that Elizabeth (Dr. Rogers, the M.E.) and Danny (Captain Ross) were dating. They once appeared all dressed up to go to the opera, and the relationship was fleshed out more in the episode where Goren threatened her. Since I was a big fan of the tiny scraps of this relationship, I was expecting a payoff when Danny was killed, and I was not disappointed (well, except by the fact that the whole thing ended so tragically). Her look at the funeral was haunting.I was never a big Goren fan, and I’m looking forward to the new shows with Goldblum. I hope he also continues to promote the show on The Colbert Report, where he is hysterical.

I like Goldblum with Saffron Burrows. I think they work well together, it’s the classic quirky vs straight man relationship they have.

I like the move by Eames, I think it speaks to how strong their relationship was and she just wanted to do justice to Goren, sort of. She woulda been a heck of a captain though, but I’m very optimistic about the new capt.

I love the show, but, dammit! I’m getting tired of the hide and seek I have to play to find it.

The official site has a pretty comprehensive list of where you can view them if you’re interested.