Resident Alien, aka Quincy, E.T

Enjoyed the first episode. Has a bit of a Northern Exposure/iZombie vibe to it.

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I have to remember to set this up to record. What day of the week does it air?

First one was last night. So probably continue to be Wednesday.

Thank you.

First episode is also on today and tomorrow at 7 pm Pacific.

I really liked it. I love Tudyk, I love an offbeat quirky show. I love a funny murder. I have an uncomfortable relationship with that network’s shows as they can go off the rails or get canceled, but maybe this one will stay good and stay on.

It was a decent combination of humor and sci-fi and mystery. Tudyk is always fun to watch. Had the usual clunkiness of first episodes, but very promising.

It made me laugh out loud, which is rare, so I’ll continue to watch.

I liked it. Told my husband (who didn’t watch it) a little about it and how the alien was not at all a nice alien and he said, and I quote, “He’ll learn to love us humans, especially those close to him, and not want to kill anymore.”

So yeah, formulaic but I’ll still watch it again.

Liked it a lot, looking forward to the next one. “He learns to value humans” is definitely formulaic, but I suspect the “constantly foiled at killing that kid who sees him!” will be a running gag that might subvert that formula.

Everything is a trope.

The first episode, at least for the moment, is available for free on the SyFy website and app, so I was able to watch it.

I quite enjoyed it. I thought Alan Tudyk was very good, as usual, and the rest of the cast was ok. The first episode, at least, was definitely pointing heavily towards the “Humanity Is Infectious” trope. If they keep that and his true mission on a low simmer in the background, while the foreground is mystery-of-the-week in a small rural town with Alan Tudyk being endearingly weird, I think it will have some legs. It doesn’t seem like a set-up that would be sustainable for more than a season or so, though.

Alas, I don’t have cable, so I probably won’t be able to see the rest of the season for some time.

I tuned into the SYFY app at 7pm PST to watch it as instructed… and it wasn’t there. We were able to finally watch it the next night. We liked it. Sure, it’s predictable, but so is everything else on TV these days. It definitely has potential.
However, with SYFY’s past history, I fear they’ll screw around and kill it.

There can be a whole thread on SYFY shows I kinda liked and then, POOF!, they are gone. I always hold out hope that the show will come back until my husband points out an actor who plays integral character on the show I liked on a different show on network TV.

I wonder how much of the series will take place in the bar?

I didn’t think episode 2 had quite as many laughs as episode 1, but I still liked it (and it turns out plot arc points are moving along swiftly).

Episode 3 is already available for streaming, BTW. (I haven’t watched it yet.)

The pelvic exam was a laugh-out-loud moment.

“I see what your problem is: you sat on an earring.” “It’s supposed to be there!”

I’ve just tried the comic this was based on. It is played very straight, like an episode of CSI. No humor at all, very dull, very dry, very generic.

Interesting. Maybe the show’s creators decided that paying the comic’s copyright-holder for the basic idea was worth doing to avoid lawsuits–without having any intention of actually translating the comic to the screen.

I’m liking the show. As others have said, Alan Tudyk is always good.

Odd that he hasn’t had his own hit show before this. Obviously he works all the time and has built up a fan base, but it’s mainly been in ensemble casts, or in supporting roles in various projects. (Maybe he just didn’t want to be tied down.)

My husband and I watched the first 2 shows and a “behind the scenes” bit on YouTube this afternoon. We both enjoyed it and hope that more episodes will show up.