V: 1.04, "It's Only the Beginning", (open spoilers)


Well, the episode title was a bit of an understatment. An even bigger fleet of Visitor mother ships prepping for departure in Visitors’ home system (Sirius?). We still don’t have much of a clue what the Vs “big plan” is and why they apartently need us to cooperate, instead of just nuking our cities from orbit. We know it somehow involves a bio-agent that can turn human beings into stone (or dried up mummies).

Oh, and they just had to show a random Buddhist monk as a sleeper agent? Come on, they can do much better. :wink: A certain Austrian fellow with fondness for flowing robes and a funny hat? They already layed the groundwork in the pilot.

Surely it can’t be Sirius!

Yeah for the 2009 finale I thought they really should have given us two things they didn’t: 1) what the visitors plan is and 2) showing the skinning or at least aftermath. The armada wasn’t really all that scary given that just 29 ships could probably destroy us if they really wanted to. I was expecting them to show up behind the moon though like the original, rather than around their home planet. And given the reveal of the home planet through a pan rather than through a fade it would have been nice to see clues to where it’s upposed to be like they did in the BSG Milky Way zoom out / zoom in.

Though they did at least show us the Bliss. Seems like a bit of a reveal for the sleeper agents though - suddenly stopping and looking stoned is kind of suspicious. I thought the reveal that traitor V guy’s girlfriend is Tyler’s shrink was cool.

I got the impression that introducing that into the flu shots to cause an epidemic was just so humans would be more likely to turn to the V’s for help and become dependent. I wonder if reporter guy is really at risk or just being scammed? Also wonder what the Vs had to fear from patient interviews.

Yeah I was sure that was leading up to a big reveal at the end of someone we alreadyknew being a sleeper agent but alas no.

I guess I took my stupid pill this morning. Who are you referring to and what was the groundwork? The Pope? Because he rushed through the papal decree welcoming visitors?

Pretty good episode. Of course they’ve done a lot and it’s only episode 4. We’ll see what happens next year. Given the ridiculous amount of Visitor surveillance footage and bizarrely minimal amount of resistance disguise or precautions, added to Tyler’s presence in resistance HQ, I’ll find it increasingly unbelievable that the resistance don’t get ID’d.

Also just can’t buy that fake V assassin being taken into V custody and 911 calls being rerouted do not get much much more scrutiny.

Sorry, I can’t do the fancy V masthead.

But Wednesday morning and no thread? This show is getting really good. Just look…

  • Anna and Lisa are putting the moves on Tyler
  • A Fifth Column member willingly gets himself skinned (which we didn’t get to see! :mad: ) to prevent the exposure of the resistance
  • Georgie gets shot
  • Crazy explosion to stop the current V plot
  • The priest gets stabbed
  • Ryan and his girl are going to have a Lizard-Human baby
  • Anna has some crazy V drug that she beams out to everyone from her naked body


  • A massive armada is on its way!

While I’m sad that Lost is on its way out, V is shaping up to be a nice replacement.

Thanks for beginning the thread.
What’s up with stabbing the Priest? I would think they would use one of the Invaders, Visitors death pill that burns up the evidence. Perhaps they wanted to make it look as though a wino wandered in a killed him.

Skin him! Yeah, I wish we had gotten to see it. Does that kill him? Do they lock the scaly guy up in his room for the rest of the visit? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to participating sometime after I get a chance to watch the show. :slight_smile:

Waaah! I wanted to see Anna eating a guinea pig!

The armada was interesting. Humanity obviously has no chance against that many of them. So presumably there’s going to be some sort of vulnerability, much like the Red Dust in the original series.

And did Chad Decker really have an aneurysm, or were they lying to ensure his compliance?

Have we actually seen any of them get wet? :wink:

My theory is that once they scan you, they can replace you with a carbon copy suit for an undercover lizard.

[sub]I’m almost positive that’s the first time I’ve ever typed that sentence[/sub]

One vulnerability seems to be that they can’t handle being outside their cloned human skins for some reason. Will be interesting to see why. Maybe the lizards have grown dependent on having a living “environmental suit” or something. Which might mean that humans aren’t the first species they’ve had contact with…

This version started out kind of meh, but looks like it got much more interesting. Still fairly worn out & cliched, but interesting.

Oh, and good job with exploiting current popular boogeymen. First it was universal healthcare and now vaccines. :smack:

Oh, I like that. Chad goes in to be “healed”, is eaten by Anna and her Aide, and that insurance selling green guy replaces him in disguise…Sweet.

I think that far off armada is another faction of V’s, which the earth-V ships have been fleeing from.

So far, I’m missing the laser pistols from the original. I want to see laser fights with the characteristic “Weeeeeeeooooooooo” and a big shower of sparks.

It’s where they came from in the original. Granted we’ve since realized that it’s far to young have intelligent life evolve.

Yeah, it sucks that we were cheated out of seeing a Visitor’s true form. Did Dr Joshua just paralyze the subject, or was he numbed too? I can see how paralyzing him would be SOP, but I doubt Anna would approve of knocking him out. Ryan should at least have some idea of what the master plan is and Erica’s going to be pretty insistant that he tell her. And yes, it would be cool if the Pope turned out to be a Visitor, but ABC’s probally not willing to go that fat.

Merged alphaboi’s thread from last night with Justin_Bailey’s from this morning. And just because I can…

It is Sirius, and don’t call me Shirley.

I think the idea is that the 911 calls get intercepted before they ever go anywhere. If they know that they are going to be wiping out a bunch of pesky humans (and need to - literally - mop up quickly), it makes perfect sense to setup to reroute calls from that area through their operator.

Three most interesting things in this episode for me…

  1. The Bliss. I wonder if it’s possible that the Bliss and the drug are related - such as they are working on getting humans hooked on the Bliss through the drug, somehow. The reason they don’t exterminate humanity is because they want us to join them willingly - like in a junkie following orders “willingly”.

  2. The dead people in the “flu virus” lab. Unless they’d been mummified or rotting for quite some time, they seemed pretty far gone. What if what the V’s are working on is a way to put humans into stasis and keep them Ziploc-fresh? Maybe they have drug-induced stasis for their own people but it doesn’t work on mammals.

  3. Skinning. Obviously we’re way past latex mask territory here. While they MIGHT have de-reptile-skinned our boy, it sure seems like the juicy human outsides are necessary for survival. And removing them is apparently quite painful.

And in response to the above, I’m guessing people can somehow ignore the Bliss if they want to. Otherwise they’d have V sleeper agents crashing into stuff when it happens - kind of like a mini-flashforward.

Well, we have one guy who could tell him, were he to come down from the ship…but that’s kind of the whole question, isn’t it? Are you going to trust them? Are you willing to take that chance?

Your sound must have been down. If he was numbed, he sure sure as hell was doing a lot of screaming to make it sound good.


Well it’s more than skin - there’s a good 1/3 to 1/2 inch of flesh. I wonder if they do serve at all at environmental suits. Certainly they have some kind of nervous system interface, which is why is hurts taking them off.

I’m wondering why the bald V went after the priest alone and without telling anyone instead of just reporting it to V command and having them send in a group.

Also wondering about all the reproductive stuff. They seem to be setting Tyler up to have sex with Lisa, and resistance V guy’s gf is pregnant (with his human clone’s sperm or his visitor sperm or some other guy she’s seeing on the side, or impregnated at the V health clinic?). I could maybe buy the human suit coming with working sperm, since the testes are external, but I can’t see a fmale V pregnancy working since that’s all internal.

Maybe Lisa will insert some sort of “collection device” and Visitor specialist will retrieve Tyler’s sperm afterward and try to combine it with a Visitor egg cell in a petri dish.

I really miss the microphone feedback/echo voice from the original.

Not to mention that the Black Visitor dude seemed to be pretty offended by the idea of skinning one. So they seem to be setting us up that their human suits are more than just about mere conceilment.

I hate to say it though, but I think we’ve kind of been though a lot of “can’t tell whose human and who is alien” with the whole Battlestar Galactica thing.