V: 1.06 "Pound of Flesh" (open spoilers)


Hmm, ya think some of the 5 Columnists would take the suicide-pills anywhere rather than be skinned. So any guesses as to what the big secret about Tyler is? When’s Anna going to lay her eggs? As cliched as it looks I’m starting to like how random things on the V’s ships just float in midair.

I recall being mildly entertained, but nothing leaps to mind today. I’ll probably keep watching it but I’m not expecting greatness.

Come to think of it, my 13-year old self could’ve written that exact sentence for the original. Except it would’ve has less words and more exclamation points.

Honestly, I really want to like the show, and I’ll keep watching for a while. I think it comes down to Elizabeth Mitchell, the Brett Favre Priest, Morena Baccarin, a Post-Lost Timeslot, and a general fondness for Sci fi.

That being said, I’m not sure what they’re going for here.

The Humans - They’re flailing around wildly. The guy who is supposed to teach them how to win a war makes a smart move in sacrificing a pawn to save a bishop, but makes no provision to keep said pawn from getting captured and tortured. You know, this is the guy who knows the names, faces, and home addresses of everyone in your little guerilla group - including you, genius. Maybe this was intentional, maybe it’s good writing. But this is the kind of mistake they should have been making before they brought in their alleged expert.

The Bad Aliens - First of all, a couple Fifth Columnists are causing problems on your ships…apparently by killing themselves. So the solution is to go ahead and execute people who are slightly more sympathetic to the Humans than you are. To look at the absolutely silliest piece in this, let’s just, say, look at the security footage of people who aren’t standing still during their daily Blissing. That should do it.

The Good Aliens - Hey French Stewart-looking V Doctor. You’ve invented the test, you’re running the the test, you’re interpreting the test…hmm…if only there was some way for the sneaky revolutionaries to take advantage of this situation!

My girlfriend said, “Hey, that’s about as good as having Baltar running the Cylon detector!”

Exactly, but this guy doesn’t seem to be the callow coward that Baltar was. If we find out that, yes, Anna’s biggest fans have been put into the woodchipper because of this whole thing, great.

But if not it’s a pretty big hunka stupid.


Your’re right. He’s in the perfect position to help the 5th Column. Especially since those loyal fans wouldn’t even protest; they’d gladly kill themeselves on Anna’s command.

But a smart 5th Columnist wouldn’t rig the test for the first 7 chumps. He bides his time until the test is done on the rest of the Vs.

I liked bits of it - I don’t like that they are also now setting up the Teenage son to be something ‘special’ - aka ’ you must tell him who/what he really is’ - I also am not sure I understand the new ‘super smart war guy’ buying stuff from the FBI agent - I get why he would, but they seem to want to weave twists and turns and ‘gotchaya’ moments in that don’t seem needed - Wouldnt the FBI agent/ V liason really like that info for herself?

We’ll keep watching - I doubt there are that many more to watch anyway.

I have a couple of guesses: He’s illegitimate and that’s not his real dad. Or he’s the kid of her sister who died in childbirth or something.

Anyone else getting annoyed at the “things in the shape of a V” thing? Like the fleet out in space… they’re all arranged in V formations. As if 1) there was friction in the air (like with birds) or B) they were spelling out the letter V on purpose out of symbolism or something. 1 is obviously stupid since they’re in space. 2 is stupid because why would they, outside the range of human’s ability to see them, arrange themselves into the letter for the English word they’re calling themselves. Also, 3) there is no reason to be in any kind of fighting formation when your enemy doesn’t have space flight capability, so that can’t be the reason.