V: 1.03, "A Bright New Day" (Open Spoilers)


I don’t mean to step on cmyk’s toes, but there wasn’t a thread for tonight’s episode. This show is actually getting better. So Lisa is Anna’s daughter! So maybe they actually are going for the hybrid child (please let them skip that mysterious powers and rapid aging). I suspected the death threat was a ploy all along. I didn’t see the V physician being 5th Column until Dale actually remembered Erica “killing” him. The Visitor writing was the same as in the original. Did anyone else see the original V symbol (that looked like a swastika) flash for a moment on one of the screens, or was that just me? Only one more episode before this goes on hiatus 'till spring.

Is this going to be a miniseries like the original, or will it drag on indefinitely?

I think there are 10 episodes. We get one more, and then ABC, in its infinite wisdom, will bogart the rest until March.

I enjoyed it. I whooped when Joshua turned out to be Fifth Column…enough that my son came rushing in to see what was wrong.

Do you think if Erica hadn’t come home that Tyler and Lisa would have done the nasty?

So Dale’s been undercover for 20 years and is not the only V at the FBI. Excellent.

We missed bits and pieces because *The Princess Bride *was on and my son and I were trying to see how much of the dialogue we could recite along with the movie. :D.

Oh, and FTR, the sword fight between Montoya and Count Ruger is The Best Swordfight Ever in Cinema.

This thread has a very interesting mouse-over.

The show is definitely improving.

I think it’s amazing that they’re going to go on hiatus just as it’s getting good. That’s just silly.

Then again, they managed to make Morena Baccarin look like hell, so who knows what’s going on in their heads.


Not at all alphaboi. Thanks for starting it (and keeping the V masthead :wink: ), I was tied up with work and couldn’t even watch until later last night.

Random thoughts:

I didn’t see the original symbol, but I was looking for it. I did like that their alphabet was very similar looking to the original symbol.

Things are getting interesting. When will they reveal that Tyler’s friend is a V? Didn’t see the Mother thing coming until just before the girl said it. Also… nice underwear! Ahem…

So, is Dale dead for good good? I really liked his character. I hope not.

I’m digging the Vs amped up technology. Love the camera patches on the jackets. The meeting with all 29 captains was cool. Apparently their hologram technology is really advanced. Usually I roll my eyes at that sort of stuff, but I like it here, because it’s saying just how much more advanced they are to us.

I like looking for hidden V formations. Like how the 29 captains were arranges in a V.

I wonder if the female Vs are the dominant gender. I think that would make it a bit interesting if they took that route. The females would be more cunning and manipulative, and the males are more soldier ant-ish. But I suppose not, as we’ve already seen a good mix of males and females in various roles.

Before the hiatus arrives, I’d like to see some full on alien without their human skin.

Also, I believe ABC intends for this to be a full blown series, with multiple seasons… if the ratings hold up. Right?

I’ve not seen it referred to as a “mini” series, and they are definitely pacing things to make it last, so if the ratings hold out I’m sure it’ll be back indefinitely.


I’ve not seen any potential sleepers that are female; all of my suspects are guys. Just sayin…

I hope it goes for more than one season so Elizabeth Mitchell has a job, seein’ how she got herself nuked on Lost

That was the best underwear scene in prime time for a near eternity, both for the shock humor, AND the scenery value…

So, who wrote “John May lives”? The V response time really sucks if our black dude had time to clean up and get rid of evidence before they got there.

How they are going to save our heroine is beyond me. They did get rid of the witness from the warehouse, but there is still the surrveilance video of her in the screening room.

I am with the poster who commented that a reptilian species would not be attracted sexually to humanoids. This was confirmed by injured V saying how disgusted he was faking it with his wife. So our black dude being so in love with fiance really is stretching the believability on that particular issue.

How do you know the son’s friend is a V? Did I miss something, or are you just guessing?

Which one? The guy or girl?

As for “John May Lives”, that was obviously Ryan. He didn’t have to clean anything up because it LOOKS like a disguised V killed spontaneously combusts or something. That, or Ryan had time to torch the body to ash, which I’m doubting. That also helps cover up the “what happens if a V infiltrator slips and breaks his neck in the shower?” question.


So, did the visitors convert the fighter pilot’s wife?

I’m just totally guessing. You didn’t miss anything. But he went out of his way to set the chick V up with Tyler. Seemed a little too convenient.

Well, they showed Anna practicing her weepy pitch before they met. So, yeh, she was manipulated by Anna’s rhetoric and bullshit.

ETA: Unless they used that “Bliss” drug on her? Also… who the hell is John May?

Pretty sure what was meant was the old V “stick them in the magic chamber and make them a V-lover”.

Probably not. I don’t think we’ll see that kind of schlocky 80’s tech.


“**As for “John May Lives”, that was obviously Ryan”
Why would Ryan want to alert the V’s that the 5th column has been resurrected? Wouldn’t you want to stay off their Vdar as long as possible?

Not in the “Diana in the conservatory with the conversion machine” sense, I don’t think so. From a dramatic standpoint, it make more sense if they just won her over the old-fashioned way (lying) so that she can be all the more pissed off later when/if she discovers the truth.

If a V agent was disgusted by humans (which would be perfectly understandable), why in the name of all that’s holy would that agent marry?!? It’s not like he had to in order to fit in. Also, I thought it was strange that Dale ranted about how disgusting it was to lie beside his wife every night, but never said anything about more intimate interactions. If I were an alien, I think kissing my wife (assuming I was male, which I’m not) daily and having sex with her now and then would come a lot higher on my revulsion list than just having to lie beside her.

I hate how the Vs refer to their own species as Vs when speaking to one another in private. I mean, I assume we’re hearing “translations” of their own language, but would any being refer to its own group as Visitors or the diminutive Vs? Wouldn’t the people in power refer to their own race as something like “The People” or “The Race,” and the rebel Visitors call their V opponents Republicans or Democrats or Crown Loyalists or Anna-istas or something? It sounds silly for the alien rebels to talk about destroying the Vs, since they themselves are Vs. Their differences are political, not physical.

Did anyone else notice that every one of the 29 ships’ commanders was male, as were the members of the security forces they sent to liase with the FBI?

Speaking of which, can you imagine ANY circumstance under which a supposed human who attempted to assassinate a Visitor would be turned over to the Visitors for justice? If the Vs have penetrated the government that deeply, why are they bothering with all the rest of this? The whole thing is ridiculously over-engineered. You want an assassination attempt for propaganda value? Recruit a human crazy and turn him over to human justice after he’s caught. It’s not like there’s any lack of human crazy to work with.

This show gets increasingly implausible, at least to me.

Not really.

They are obviously ON the Vdar, seeing as how their people are being hunted down and killed - not just at the warehouse, but through the sting organized by Cyrus.

It’s really just a bit of bravado. We’re here. We’re queer (in a human-loving way). Get used to it!


That’s a bold statement, considering the first 10 minutes or so of the first episode. :wink: