"V" — s1e2 — 11/10/09

There is No Normal Anymore


Summary for tonight’s episode:

Anna the leader of the V’s uses the popular TV anchor Chad Decker to deliver her messages to the Humans but suspicion arises from FBI investigator Erica who believes that the V’s have different intentions to what they claim. Erica and Father Jack find themselves being tracked down by a seeker.

And so we’re off. The pilot wasted no time in setting up what us humans are up against. We do indeed have lizard overlords coming in the guise of peace, but so far, no rodent ingesting yet. We’ve established a V traitor by the name of Ryan Nichols who plans on helping organize the resistance. From there, all bets are off. Who will live, who will die? Who will fight, and for which side? And will we see some frikkin’ laser guns?

It’s my hope the next three episodes build some real tension and tighten up the plausibility of some of the action the characters take. We shall see…

Spoiler boxes until Thursday morning. That should be enough leeway for most participants of this thread to get caught up.

I think the OP is a lizard. On mouseover, all I see are black dots. Prolly some kind of code for ordering a rodent with extra cheese.


Damn! Busted. It’s actually the barcode to pick up my dry cleaning.

Can I do anything for you?
Maybe a nice fat rat?
Not bad, so far.

A poll:

Who’s a reptile?

A spoiler about the ending:


Gee, I wish Wash could do that…

Nice shout-out to A Knight’s Tale…Dale’s wife’s name…is Jocelyn. :smiley:

I like how after the crash bang beginning they’re taking it a bit slower now, establishing more of the story line. And I want Anna’s mirror (when she was “trying on” different clothes.) I did also get a very good sense of not being able to trust anyone…I’m wondering about the older priest, Agent Evans boss…heck, maybe even Tyler’s friend!

Yeah, it’s nice now that we’re seeing that the general public isn’t uniformly enarmored by the Visitors. I still find the Visitors way too human. They even dress the same as us. I know it’s mostly a holdover from the original, but why are they trying so hard to be exactly like us when they clearly don’t want us to know they’ve been infiltrating human society? Damn it, we need scientists as main characters.

They want folks to be comfortable with them. Remember Anya (sp) “You still don’t understand humans!” (or humanity, whatever) :slight_smile:

The address of the warehouse was “4400”. Considering the priest, it can’t be a coincidence.

I don’t understand.

If this will load for you, she looks cute with slit eyes.

Yeh, the fun of the original is now coming back to me. This episode felt more natural and indicative of how the rest of the series will go. I can’t wait for the shit to hit the fan.

Anyone else notice that Anna’s passport changed from Sex: M last week to Sex: F this week?

I really like the name, it lends itself to so many corny puns.

If Anna were only a little older, she could’ve been an actress playing a space alien aboard a starbase… Anna Visitor

If Anna were only a little younger, she could’ve beena pop singer who travels to the 44th state… Anna Montana Visitoretc.

The priest actor was previously on the show “The 4400”

So, are they going to use the giant sky TVs for any announcement they’re gonna make? I can see how that might piss folks off – people have been shot by their neighbours for not keeping the volume down… Really, though, something like that is going to go from ‘wow, aliens speaking to us from the skies!’ to ‘for Christ’s sake, not again…’ awfully fast. Also, those people who live right below the ships and had their homes go from ‘prime real estate’ to ‘plunged into perpetual darkness’ (except when there’s yet another announcement on V TV) are probably where I’d look first in establishing a resistance…

That said, though, I’m really enjoying this so far. But, what was that line about ‘another resistance is unacceptable’ the male V second in command kinda guy threw out when reviewing the seeker footage? Any idea what that could refer to?

Carrie Underwood???:confused:

It was a picture of Anna. She blinks and has snake pupils.

I keep thinking about dogs. They have trained dogs to be able to distinguish between humans with some forms of cancer, and those without.

Surely sorting iguanas from people will be a snap. So once Real Humans learn there are evil Fake Humans, all you need do is some trained dogs…

Could that be a reference to the earlier series? I never really watched the V television show, so I don’t know if they’re trying to tie into that, but there was an earlier resistance about 20-odd years ago. :wink: