"V" — s1e2 — 11/10/09

I missed it last night - does anyone know if it’ll be rebroadcast, is available on Hulu (or similar), or will be one the various “on demand” services offered by cable companies?

Another planet, perhaps?

I thought it meant Earth isn’t the first planet they’ve tried their act on.

It’ll be available on Hulu.com this Saturday.

I figure the BLG and his pals were the first resistance. “Lizards for the Ethical Treatment of Humans.”

BLG=Black Lizard Guy

I still call him Rambo, and I’m hoping Ming-Na will guest star at some point so he can ruin another one of her shirts.

I keep thinking that they have to be insanely skinny. I mean, they’ve got at least half an inch of human flesh on 'em- they’re gonna look weird without their disguises.

This guy is so skinny his ribs are showing.

I was thinking that too. I’ll bet they screw this up though, because they’d have to be computer generated creatures when depicted without their ‘human suits’ on and it’s probably cheaper to put actors in rubber costumes.

That was one damn ugly scar on Ryan’s arm. The girl has to be insanely dumb to think it was from a filing cabinet, OR to think it’s healing nicely. She’s Purina Lizard Chow, and deservedly so.

I kept referring to “Frank” and “Dr. Legaspi” And don’t forget Frank’s fiance - who is now a psychologist, but dated Dr. Carter when she did some undergrad work at County!

Yeah, but look at the size of his neck, his entire body is one long… torso, like most lizards.

These lizard people are going to have to have necks like the Kaminoans from Star Wars.

Yeah, I believe you are correct.

You couldn’t get a sumo wrestler suit around that neck.

The biggest problem I’m having is BLG is, by all appearances, actually sexually attracted to his girlfriend. To me that makes no sense.

Say you’re a human in a lizard suit hiding out on a lizard world. Are you going to get so desperate that you’ll meet a nice lizard girl and think “Yeah, I’d hit that…” Seems unlikely to me.

I can understand the blonde Peace Ambassador chick seducing the FBI agent’s son in the name of lizard science, but not voluntarily.

Maybe they are really, really kinky.

Maybe it’s a lizard thing, like playing with your food.

Exactly. I can see renegade infiltrating Visitors joining resistance groups because they decide that morally what the Visitor establishment plans for Earth is wrong. I can see infiltrating Visitors establishing close friendships with humans. I can even see an infiltrating Visitor developing romantic feelings for a human and vice versa, assuming that Visitors as a species have romantic feelings. But sexual desire and intercourse? Especially given that the Visitors are apparently reptilian? I just don’t think so.

Perhaps, had a Visitor been raised from infancy among humans, thus conditioning him/her to find humans sexually attractive. But not as already adult infiltrators.

Perhaps their race has done this frequently in the past, so much so that ‘pansexuality’ is much more ingrained into their society.

Or, what seems more likely, is that the Visitors have been wearing Skin Suits so long that it’s become a normal part of their society – all of them appear to wear them (at least the ones we’ve seen) all the time, even in private.

Also, wouldn’t the Vs have the same problem us humans run into between distinguishing individual lizards from a certain species? Wouldn’t we, for the most part, all look the same to them? I imagine they would all look the same to us (in their lizard form), even though they might easily tell each other apart.

If you own multiple dogs, can you tell them apart?

What about multiple cats?

I watched the first two and I think I’m out. There were just too many “Wait. What?” moments.

And only one really ‘true’ moment; the exchange by two guys, seen on television as they witnessed the alien ship’s arrival, that went along the lines of, “This is the real Independence Day!” “Which was a rip-off of many other alien invasion movies.”