V: 2.05 "Concordia" (open spoilers)


Tonight was much better than recent episodes. Believable plot, action, characters making desicions that make sense. Of course the assasination attempt was doomed to failure, but it was handled well. I wonder what would’ve happened if it worked? Would Lisa (who doesn’t seem to be able to Bliss yet) be able to seize control of the Visitor fleet? And next week it looks even better (granted the trailers always seem to be able to make the episode look better than it really is).

They actually held my attention during the assassination scenes, but this is still a really, really bad show. Why do I keep watching? :slight_smile:

I just hope they don’t have Ryan pull a: They took my GIRL!!!

That’s really the mystery of the show. You know it’s bad but you want to see where it goes. But it’s bad. Wonder what happens next?

I keep hoping that Tyler will accidentally discover that his girlfriend is a lizard, causing him to go fucking INSANE!

Upon losing Tyler

New Lizard 2nd in command: That boy was our last hope

Anna: No, there is another
wah? so why spend so much time on the son of an FBI agent who might be one of the few people in a position to do anything about it (even if you don’t know she’s 5th col.) instead of trying the other options first?

There was dialogue in this episode from Anna indicating that Tyler and Lisa having chosen each other was important.

I really hoping the Vs are up to something a bit more sinister than dressing up in peoplesuits to have sex with our women.

Does he have a sister?:eek:

What the hell do they want with Earth women? :dubious: Queen Anna has sex with a single drone and lays hundreds of eggs. The only other fertile female is Lisa, who’s to mate with Tyler and lay hundreds of hybrid eggs. I was under the impression that they regarded Ryan’s accidently getting a human woman pregnant was just a curiosity. But apparently their master plan (which predates hybrid baby) involved using human women for something. Human male + visitor queen = hundreds of hybrids per mating. Visitor male + human female = 1 or 2 hybrid per mating.

Perhaps there’s nothing more delicious and crunchy than human fetuses?

Did Lisa even choose Tyler, though? Sure, she likes him now, but originally wasn’t she just hanging around with him because it was part of the plan for her to get close to him?

Not that Lisa even seems to know what the plan is, or she could just tell his mom “oh yeah Anna wants Tyler to help me lay eggs so we can over run the planet with lizard babies”. Hell, she didn’t even seem to know about the “mating skin” or whatever that was until it happened. Guess V’s don’t have sex ed.

They kind of converged. We don’t know who the “others” are yet, but Tyler definitely seemed to pretty aggressively try to get all up in the V’s biz and then Lisa’s - so he was pretty forefront on her radar. And the Lisa helped things along. But she also really took to him and his Mom.

Aren’t the Vs sort of grossed out by having sex with humans? Isn’t it sort of like putting on a Godzilla costume and having sex with a gila monster or something?

Given the number of people having sex while wearing Furry suits, or cyber sexing with online avatars of trolls and things, it’s not really a stretch.

Plus they’ve been wearing their human suits for a long time, and the human suits are organic and full of nerves. It’s sort of like cosplaying if your costume and mask could feel.

Also, it’s been strongly hinted that the Vs have been breeding with other planetary species for quite sometime and no longer resemble whatever form they initially had.

Plus I’m pretty strongly getting the impression that they don’t assign sex any particular significance beyond just a means to an end. It’s just breeding, or sometimes a method of manipulating humans. So there’s nothing to get grossed out by.

Aside from those Vs who have "gone native, " of course.

Before he was killed, Dale (Alan Tudyk) talked about how it was revolting to him to be married to a human.

Yeah, it’s very much a “lie back and think of England” situtation for the Visitor sleeper agents. I wonder if Visitors even have sex with eachother? Since only the Queen is fertile (& she tends work up an appetite) it’d be a strictly recreational activity, but since they can’t remove their human skins the disgust issue would still be there.

Like Heroes!

Anna didn’t say there is another, she said there are others. I wasn’t surprised to hear her say it - didn’t something earlier this season indicate that there were other pregnant women with high phosphorous levels back in the day, too?

The whole defrock father [del]Tom[/del] Jack thing is coming along nicely. With exhusband Joe back in the picture, that can only mean that Joe will be killed off, and Tyler will so upset that he runs back to Anna. Again.


I was just twisting the scene slightly to make it into a reference. Whether there is one other or many others doesn’t alter the point I was trying to bring up

You bothered to post that much without explaining the reference?

Agreed… this episode was AWESOME… by V standards. So just kinda mediocre for a show that isn’t crap on toast most weeks.

But way better than any episode of the show in recent memory. I was almost engaged.
Further stupidity of THE PLAN: They need to build these Concordias to herd all the human women together and land their cloaked ships on top. (why do I hear in my head Cleavon Little as a V storming the Concordia and saying “Hey, where are the human women at?”)
So… their ships can’t land without a docking building? They can’t just snatch the women from the healing centers or the live aboard program? The V men can’t just put on some hunky looking skin and take a shuttle down to the surface to hang out in a seedy bar until closing time? WTFV?

But yeah, the whole assassination plot was pretty cool. Though I wish they’d grow a pair and actually kill someone off. Marcus was expendable, plot-wise. Hobbs had a clear shot. We even had this turtle-necked engineer guy conveniently introduced to take his place. Why did the writers need to save him?