V: 2.04 "Unholy Alliance" (open spoilers)


Wow, the writers made a worse episode than the last one. This was really bad. They are going for the magical religious soul that makes humans special. :rolleyes: They’re really going there. Also it was very odd that they did an entire episode with Anna visiting the Vatican without even mentioning the Pope, who has absolute control over the Roman Catholic Church. :dubious:

Whoevers making the trailers for this show deserves some kind of award for working with this material.

Actually, the strangely un-accented Polish cardinal did say that the Holy Father considered it an honor that she was here, but yes, Benedict would have come out to meet her as a head of state.

Hilariously bad in almost every way, aside from the Church stuff which was so far from reality that I couldn’t be bothered to be remotely offended. The last people in the world who are amazed by something happening to a statue are in the Vatican, they get bombarded by such “miracles” and are skeptical.

I guess it’s a ruse to get Fr. Jack out of the Church and into Erica’s arms, and despite my usual annoyance at the whole Thorn Birds idea I don’t mind it because they are the hawt.

The sleeper V and Diana were cool, though.

When I did the mouse hover on this thread title I got a lot of little black squares.

What the hey? So I clicked on it and now I see …

Every time they mention souls on V, my eyes roll farther and farther back into my head. It’s actually gotten quite painful, and apparently it really freaks the dogs out.

I keep hoping that the Vs are just completely suckered in, that the show will eventually reveal “Just kidding! Souls don’t exist!”, and it will lead to their defeat… but somehow I doubt it.

Is it weird that I recognized the actor playing the Israeli 5th Column leader even when they’d only showed him completely shadowed out?

I think you missed the point. They weren’t “amazed” by the statue, they recognized that Anna was threatening them. They were playing chicken with her and lost.

Not getting the hate for the soul storyline. The story works just as well if you view the soul as a metaphor.

The actors are so good (… decent?), and yet the writing is so bad (… abominable?). I dunno, I guess I am just THAT sci-fi starved that I will keep watching.

Oh, also of note, is how absolutely terrible the effects were this episode. From the ship landing, to the various green-screens of the Vatican, to the blue energy making the status cry. It was like watching Babylon-5 level effects, 15-20 years later.

I’m impressed. I saw the actor’s name (Oded Fehr) in the opening credits, and figured that was him in silhouette, but didn’t recognize him because he had hair. I’m used to him from The Mummy, and he was always bald in those movies.

He is also in one or more of the Resident Evil movies, no?
Good episode overall but silly the Catholic church would roll over so easily. I guess they are keeping the story moving, that’s good, right?

It’s funny- there’s so much of this serious which can only be justified by saying, “Everyone in that world is an idiot.” The Red Rain ("No, really- it’s GOOD for you!), the Blue Energy (“It’s ENERGY! It can do ANYTHING!”), the reconstruction of fingerprints from a bomb scene (I can’t even think of anything snarky to say about this one, it’s just *that *stupid)… the list goes on.

The only reason I watch at this point is to see just how far past 11 they’re going to crank the stupidity. Well, that and I like looking at Elizabeth Mitchell and Laura Vandervoort. I used to like looking at Morena Baccarin, as well, but they actually managed to make her (!) ugly in this show.

Yeah, they’re playing the “people are sheep” trope pretty heavily; but it confirms my personal biases, so I enjoy it anyway. :smiley:

Remind me again, why did they cancel Flashforward to keep this show?

They are rather touchy-feely considering he’s a priest. Even the video that the new mole was showing her boss had her caressing Jack’s arm.

Yes, I don’t recall exactly which ones, but I know he’s in there somewhere.

That short hair makes her look neck look so long that it’s more like she’s a giraffe wearing cloned human skin. Now that would’ve been an interesting twist if they’d gone that way.

I’m also quite sick of the horrible CGI work when a lady lizard shows her fangs. Seriously, it looks bad, quit doing it.