Resident Evil 4 appreciation thread.

Having just finished this game for the second time and purchased the infinite missile launcher, I thought I’d how some other dopers felt about it.

IMHO, this game is Zelda good. Graphics and story are brilliant. The controls are perfect. It’s challenging, but not frustrating. Good A.I. Even the details are good.

For example and boxed if you haven’t gotten this far yet,

at the end when you are jetskiing off of the island with Ashley, Leon still has the cut on his cheek from Krauser

And this game has huge replay value. I’m on my third time through straight, mainly because me and the infinite launcher are going to collect some payback.

You stole what I was going to say!

Coming from one who’s hated the entire RE series, I think Resident Evil 4 is one of the finest, most pure gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

The graphics were mind blowing, the sound amazing, and the gameplay was simply incredible. The atmosphere the game presented has yet to be matched.

I can’t rave enough about it.

Yeah, I was totally into Metroid Prime Echoes for a long time, but once I finished that, I’ve been into RE4. It’s a great game the first time through, and almost as fun on replay. I love the fact you get to keep your stuff.

I’ve finished normal level round three, as well as the Ada mission. Now I’m working on professional level and the Merc missions. Woo, hoo!

I haven’t played a game with this replay value since I can hardly remember. Mario, Zelda?

Harborwolf, why on earth would you play through with the IRL? I have the Chicago Typewriter and that makes everything too easy.

So, anyone else notice that the evil dwarf Salazar looks a whole heck of a lot like the new Pope?

Because blowing stuff up is fun. :smiley:

As I’ve beaten the game twice, I’m not particularly worried about challenge anymore. I just like to see a villager and blow him up. It’s more fun than blowing up a large group of villagers simply because it’s wildly unnecessary. When I see crows on the ground, I blow them up. Birds nests containing items? Oh yeah, I blow them up too. Is that a brass pocket watch? Better blow it up to be sure. Wonder if that crate has a snake in it? To be on the safe side, I should blow it up.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. :smiley:

While I agree the game is more fun playing standard, the IRL just flat out kicks ass at parts. One hit takes down El Gigante!

Yeah, I love the game. I hadn’t played any other games in the series, but after I beat it I bought Resident Evil 0. I was disappointed with it, but that just goes to show how great of a job they did with RE4.

Even better, one hit takes out crows and snakes.
Seriously, I’m using this thing for everything. :smiley:

At least try to make the game playable. Go through with a fully upgraded Striker & Broken Butterfly.

Sheesh. Taking out crows with a rocket launcher?

I’ve already played it playable twice. This one is for fun. And taking out the crows is nothing. I’ve been using it to shoot jewels from the ceiling and birds nests out of trees.

And I cannot wait to use it on the friggin crossbow shooters. I’ve been pegged one too many times by 'em. Vengeance shall soon be mine.

Ahhhh, good times. Gooood times.

Well, when it comes to those guys, all gloves are off. I’d thermo-nuke 'em if that were an option.

But tell me, oh IRL user, when Ashley is being carried off by bad guys, do you use your RL? How about when she’s trapped in those metal clamps? You shoot them off with the RL? I want screen grabs of that.

You’ve likely seen the screen grabs. It’s a red screen with the phrase “You are dead” on it. :wink:

I would also recommend not using the RL to re-negotiate prices with the arms merchant. Doesn’t work as well as you’d think it would.

Heh, it does sound like fun. I’d love to go and inflict some pain on the enemies in the castle: “Esta aqui yourself, bitch!”

Is that what they’re saying? I was curious if they were actually saying something in a real language. Is that Spanish?

Since the game appears to take place in Spain.

When I first got my CT I was randomly firing it around, and got the Merchant. Poor guy. I felt guilty & reloaded the game. Cows and chickens just aren’t that satisfying to kill either.

I’d be curious to find out what they were saying as well. My daughter, who speaks some spanish, thinks the villagers say something about “get off my lawn.”

At the farm, I fired the IRL at one of the barking dogs. Hit it point blank. It just ran off. :eek: I think Sadler has been planting the parasites in the wrong dogs.

At GameFaqs, there’s a translation guide of what everyone says in the game.

minor question:

Is the plot still about Umbrella engaging in ridiculously dangerous business practices for no good reason at all while making every place in the world strangely dependant on exotic rubies and statuettes to get from point a to point b?

Yeah, the phrases are Spanish. I couldn’t remember the phrases that the monks chant, but I did remember some of the guys with the weird ram helmets saying “esta aqui” when they found you.

Better spoiler tag this one just in case.

Not really. In this one Leon Kennedy is sent to a small European country to find the presidents daughter, who has been kidnapped. What he find is…

the daughter has been kidnapped by a cult called Los Illuminados and been implanted with a parasite known as los plagas. The cult is trying to infect the world to create a world without sin. Also involved is a former comrade of Leon’s named Krauser, who kidnapped the presidents daughter to get in good with Sadler, the head of the cult, so that he (krauser) could steal a sample of the los plagas to give to a man named wesker who wants to remake the umbrella corporation. Or something like that.

Anyways, the conspiracy stuff is kind of tangential to the plot. It adds depth but isn’t really important. I haven’t really played any other resident evil games and had no problem keeping up with this game. The game itself is light years beyond the resident evil games that I have played. If you have a game cube, you need this game.

For the most part, any exotic rubies and statues you collect you will sell to a mysterious arms merchant to get new and more powerful weapons.

Resident Evil 4 is what sequels should aspire to be.