Resident Evil 4 appreciation thread.

Ok, I made it through pro mode, then saved up enough money in round two to get the IRL. Snore.

What’s the big deal? You can’t blow up buildings. It’s only useful if you find a group of enemies waiting a good distance off. Yawn.

The Chicago Typewriter is way better, IMHO.

Groups of enemies at a distance? You mean you’re going to use it in the manner it is intended? That sort of thing’s for chumps. Try it as a change in game play. Use the IRL solely. Obviously Ashley can’t get picked up by the baddies or you’re screwed, and you can’t use it to free Ashley from the restraints.

I did try it. You can break the restraints from a distance, but the explosion kills her. Maybe if she get’s more R/G/Y potions and builds her life, but I’m thinking not.
And the point of the IRL is that it’s fun. It really adds nothing to the challenge. It’s just a lot of fun to use it. :smiley: You need to stop taking your video games so seriously. You’ll get an ulcer. :wink:

I admit it can be fun sometimes I guess. Doing an IRL only run would be challenging. Obviously there are places you simply can’t use it (Ashley) but you could most other places. I never considered increasing Ashley’s health. There was never a reason too. I wonder if she could take a rocket blast? You know, maybe if you didn’t blast the restraints directly, but rather hit the wall near them, destroying them, but not killing Ashley?

It would probably make certain boss battles harder. It didn’t help me much against Salazar. The rocket seemed to fly right through the eye on his tentacle.

Did you catch X-Play the other day? They reviewed it and gave it five stars. Unless the new Zelda turns out to be really good, this may win best game of the year. Go Gamecube!

About Wesker

Is he dead or not?

Anyway, I’m glad to break from the conspiracy angle. And the puzzles. Gah, they were horrible.

Did they improve the controls, too? the original RE had the worst control system I’ve ever seen in a 3d game, and that’s saying something.

RE4 controls nothing like the others in the series. This one stays directly behind the character’s back and zooms in slightly when shooting (with a laser sight so you know what you’re aiming at). None of that wandering around in a room and getting mauled by monsters that leap from outside the camera’s view.

The Typewriter’s okay, but I like the infinite Handcannon better. It’s just more enjoyable to pick them off then mow them down all at once.

I’ve made it through professional level, but haven’t done the Merc missions yet. They intimidate me. :frowning:

Levdrakon, if you’re going to try blasting Ashley from the restraints with the IRL, you will likely have to pump her health with the R/G/Y herbs. I blasted the wall near her. If it was close enough to take out the restraints, it’s close enough to kill Ashley. Her health wasn’t full though.

The merc missions aren’t too tough. The worst part is the time limit. That’ll probably run out before you die if you can a good spot to funnel enemies through. IMHO, Assignment Ada was more intimidating.

And I got the typewriter today. The IRL is way more fun. When I used the typewriter, all I could do was pine for the earth shattering kaboom.

Smilingbandit, the controls of RE4 are a work of art. They work seamlessly with the game.

And Wesker is alive and working hard to rebuild umbrella. Gotsta have something for RE5 :smiley:

Well, I’ve got a ton of health I usually sell, so it wouldn’t be hard to max her out and see what kind of punishment she can take.

As for Mercs, well I started it last night and managed to get five stars with Leon & Ada in the village. Moved on to the castle and got my ass handed to me. Blah! I’ll trade you the Ada mission for the Merc missions. I want the Handcannon, but man, they make you work for it.

Regarding CT vs. RL, hey, I prefer those satisfying screams and splattering effects. But they both deal out satisfying carnage.

lev, I’ve come to the conclusion that you were right. The Merc missions are more stressful than Ada. After I spent the last 30 or so seconds out of ammo and being chased around the island by the double chainsaw of death goons, I now know what stress is. :smiley:

Yeah, those double chainsaws are ridiculous. Like your head doesn’t come off with one saw, they have to have two?? Those buggers are fast, too.

And they can jump up two story buildings. And they can take a hit from a magnum, the rifle, a grenade, and/or an exploding barrel and keep coming.

The handcannon may take longer than I thought.


But hw does Wesker survive being, y’know split like a melon in the first game? :confused:

If it weren’t for Krauser & Wesker, I might have given up on the Merc missions by now. At least those guys have a chance of getting five stars. I have no idea how I’m going to get five stars with the others. Especially Hunk.

Hunk’s neck-snap can kill any small Ganado, even the chainsaw women in the village, plus he’s invincible during the move so you can do it in a big crowd. So shoot somebody in the face, twirl around and break his spine, then shoot somebody else and repeat, or drop a flash grenade and break everybody’s necks. For the double-saw or chaingun guys, use grenades (don’t even bother with the gun).

And always have an escape route.

I just watched a video of Hunk getting 170K in the village. I had no idea. Anyway, his neck-snap does look pretty good, if you’re fast enough to use it. I’ll have to practice.

Does his neck-break work on the double chain saw guys in the dock/marina area? How about the machine gunners in the military compound?

Right now I’m trying to get five stars with Krauser in the docks. I can kill the chain saw guys pretty well, and I can get around and collect about all the time extentions, but I have a hard time getting enough points. So far, I’ve only managed 51K.

Getting five stars with Krauser isn’t too hard thanks to his arm attack, bow, and wicked kick. Wesker shouldn’t be too hard thanks to the magnum and the rifle. Even Hunk and Ada won’t be too bad.

Leon worries me though. I can barely get a high score in the village. The shotgun is only so-so and he doesn’t seem to get very many grenades. I am so not looking forward to the island stage.

I hear ya. I just now got my tenth mission complete, but I fear the worst is yet to come. I have to clear out Leon, Hunk & Ada.

Oh, and I finally saw the chain saw guys leaping up two stories. Scary, but luckily if it’s a long ways off, it gives you a few seconds to prepare. Or run. I like how their chainsaws give off all that exhaust.

I’m thinking Leon’ll have to use seven or eight shotgun blasts on those things, preferably along with some grenades, if he’s got them.

Lucky. I’ve seen them jump up behind me while I’m climbing the ladder. When I got to the top, he was already there.

Pretty depressing, isn’t it? You’re half way up the ladder, you know you can’t do anything but continue your way up, and you know a smoking, grisly certain death is waiting for you at the top.

In case anyone’s interested, I’m down to seven Merc missions. Took several days to get Leon through the Waterworld, but after I did that, I pretty much breezed Ada & Hunk through. Ada was so much easier than I thought she’d be. That woman kicks serious butt. Chain saw monster? BAMBAMBAM! with the rifle. No problem.

Now I have to get Leon through the military compound.

God, this game is addictive.