Resident Evil: Archives. Well that game sucks.

I tend to like older games, but good god the controls suck for this game. A third person shooter? I had no idea.

Yep, died at the first Zombie. He’s right in front of my character, but around a corner where I can’t see him well. I shot him once or twice, then he bit me and I threw him to the floor. When he got back up, I couldn’t aim at him well, even though he was right in front of my character, he bit me again, and I died.

This was after a long prelude, and without saving, because apparently you only have a limited number of saves (you need to find a typewriter ribbon, and then use it at a typewriter), so you don’t want to waste them. What genius came up with that?

Resident Evil Archives is a Wii remake of one of the most acclaimed games of all time. I’m not sure you’re going to find too many people to share your complaints.

He’s not wrong though. The controls are very clunky and imprecise for modern gamers, and the typewriter save system is annoying.

I’m a fan of the Resident Evil games, and I don’t really hate the save system, but the controls are horrendous.

I liked that game, and the typewriter saves didn’t bother me at all. The controls are a little clunky I guess, but I played it a long time ago.

Yeah controls and camera angles are clunky. Just don’t let them get too close to you or you’re toast. Keep in mind that old Bette Midler classic - “From a distance”.

*From a distance you can take them down,
if you unload to the head,
Use your guns, your bombs, and RPGs
So many hungry mouths to feed.

And God is watching us,
God is watching us…

Which one is Archives? I’m pretty sure I played it, but can’t remember for the life of me. If it’s an earlier one, then yeah, the controls are really bad. They got a little better through the years, but never really got good. This is up to and including Resident Evil 5.