Resident Evil movies, what is the point?

Four so far with a fifth in production, amazingly the plot goes NOWHERE.

In the rare case one ends with a unique and interesting stinger like the third one, rather then go with it they quickly resolve it within five minutes of the sequel and put us back at the status quo. Fourth movie is basically every single zombie film ever made, with a comically unkillable villain and once again the absurd stinger.


Do people go in knowing the plot is going nowhere, and not one thing will change?

Theyโ€™re there to entertain. And to make the creators some money.

Admittedly itโ€™s coming up a bit thin on both those parts these days, but there are worse films being made out there. I do wish the funding these movies get were put into something a little more solid and original, but what can ya do?

The point is Milla Jovovich kicking ass.


The point is Milla Jovovich.

Where else are we going to see a scantily dressed Milla Jovovich taking on a giant, overpowering organization in a dytsopic, post appocalyptic world?


The Fifth Element
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc*

*Well, scantily dressed and post apocalyptic might be pushing it, but you have Milla and asskickery, giant overpowering organizations and dystopias.