Rest in peace, Maggie

So sorry to hear about the losses of your pets. They mean so much to us.

Glad you have good memories. Just think of the eight good years she had, and how it could have been so different for her.

It sounds as if it was a peaceful end.

To rescue an animal and provide a loving home is a high calling. Thank you.

I am sorry for your loss - sending supporting thoughts your way!

Bless you for rescuing a dog in a shelter instead of getting a designer breed.

I love the photos. You can tell she was a gentle soul.

:slight_smile: :frowning:

Maggie sounds like a great dog. Gotta go now, somethings stuck in my eye…

I’m sorry for your loss. Yoshi-boo and Jasmine the shelter dogs will get some extra scrtiches in Maggie’s honour tonight.