Rest in Peace, Mary Tamm.

I’m sorry to report that Mary Tamm has died of cancer. She was best know for her role as the Time Lord Romana from the series ‘Doctor Who’. Her obituary is here.

Aww… She was one of my favorite companions!

Wow, I wonder if they will work in a memorial to her in a Who episode [or are they all in the can now and just waiting to be shown? And when is the new season starting?]

I remember her with great fondness from this past winters preEccleston Who watching on netflix. She helped turn out quality episodes.

She was always among my favorite companions of the classic Who. I loved her dry sense of humor.

Oddly, we got a boxed set of The Key to Time (all her episodes) a little while ago and just started watching.

She had what I guess you could call a cameo in the MacNeil/Lehrer-BBC documentary The Story of English. She was working with a language historian, reading the description of the Prioress from the Prologue of The Canterbury Tales in the original Middle English. I remember seeing her name in the credits and thinking “Romana wears glasses and reads Chaucer? Cool!”

I have to raise a slightly ironic eyebrow at Tom Baker’s quote; he once said in an interview that what he remembered most about her was her breasts.

She played Jon Voight’s girlfriend Sigi in The ODESSA File, even though Sigi was a blonde in the book. She was scrumptious indeed!

Oh, THAT Romana!

Mary Tamm, the first Romana to Fourth Doctor Tom Baker, dies aged 62. It’s been a bad run for companions lately.


IMDB pic from her Doctor Who days. What a pity. :frowning:

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