Restaurant suggestions in San Antonio

Well, your OP didn’t come through, but I’m going to suggest some places anyways. Mind you, it’s been four years or so since I was last in San Antonio, so . . .

Italian: Fratelli’s - there’s one off I-10 and 1604, I think.
Seafood: Pelican’s Wharf
Tex-Mex: Alamo Cafe or Taco Cabana
Burgers: Fuddruckers (if you don’t have them back home)
Steaks and froo-froo: San Francisco Steakhouse
Roman Orgy’s: The Magic Time Machine

That’s all I can think of now. I’ll probably come back later.

I liked the Dia de los Muertos theme that the Hard Rock on the Riverwalk has (had? Is it still there?). As far as the food though, it’s not bad, but nothing special.

I’ll send this link to my parents and ask for their recommendations.


Hey, thanks for the responses. Where the heck did my OP go? It was here yesterday! Weird.

Anyway, I’ve taken note of the suggestions, thanks, but I won’t be able to check back because we are flying to SA this morning. I should have given the hamsters more notice.


I’ve heard good things about the Ugly Duckling Cafe.

Assuming the OP is a tourist, I would strongly advise AGAINST eating on the Riverwalk. Over the years, I’ve eaten at several spots on the Riverwalk, and while the food has never been awful, it’s never risen above mediocre, either.

I don’t know many restaurants in San Antonio, but of the ones I know well, my favorite is Cappy’s.