Restored Metropolis on TMC

I saw the newly-restored version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis on Turner Movie Classics last night. I know it was that version, because Pepper Mill and I paid to see it at the Brattle theater only a few months ago. I’m amazed how fast it made it to the cable TV channels. I would’ve thought that they’d try to sell it on DVD first.
I was also amazed that our daughter, MilliCal, wanted to watch it. She saw the start as she was getting ready for bed, but I figured that she wouldn’t be interested in a silent movie. Wrong – she grew up watching the silent versioons of The Lost World and The THief of Baghdad with me. Of course, part of her interest was really a sincere desire to stay up as late as possible, but she doesn’t feign interest when we switch to Antiques Roadshow or Trading Spaces.

You can pick some good flicks Cal. This site has a plethora of info on the movies, including the 90 minute 28 German Version, with all the scenes that were cut from the 63 minute American version. I’ve referenced the movie in some philosophical talk with students, when I cycle into psychlit, I use it with Aldous Huxley, he and Fritz seem to go together nicely!

They did. I got mine in February.

TMC is The Movie Channel; TCM is Turner Classic Movies - which I’m only pointing out because I don’t get The Movie Channel and I would have skipped this discussion if I hadn’t known that Turner was showing Metropolis.

I once saw Metropolis at a theatre with a organist playing a live soundtrack. Before the show, he explained his approach and demonstrated the different effects that the instrument had. Pretty cool.