Resume question

I went to college for computer technology. However, I haven’t had a job in the field since graduating except for some contract work as a technical writer for an online website. I was wondering if I should put unrelated job history on my resume. Most companies expect me to fill it out on a job application anyway, and I think it makes companies suspicious that I haven’t had a related job yet. Should I leave off unrelated jobs and only put the one job, or put my last three jobs, or what?

Put in all jobs, regardless of relevance. Employers want a sense of what you’ve been doing since you graduated. It’s really common for recent grads to have mostly waitron/barista/storeclerk/admin.asst. type jobs for their job history.

twicks, who’s read a billion or two resumes

I’m in the same boat. I’m changing my career from medical billing to (I hope) broadcasting.

What I did was to list my education first, then my job history including unpaid experience at the campus radio station. The rest of my job history begins on the second page. This is so that a potential employer will see my qualifications first, not a string of unrelated jobs.