I’ve noticd a few old threads been resurrected.
Is this a good thing?
Do the mods frown on it?
Only if you have something Really important to contribute?

As a moderator, I’m trained to frown on everything. Including misspellings and improper capitalization. Don’t do it again! :mad: or I will taunt you a second time.

Not that you answered my Question or Anything…:slight_smile:
Love ya Arnie.

All right then, to answer your question.
My preference is
[li]Start a new thread with a link to the old one, unless the old one is only a few days old (five days is a good limit in my book).[/li][li]Don’t resurrect topics that dealt with disagreeable personal subjects. e-mail the parties involved instead. (e.g. if poster A says something about “my wife and I are having problems”, and I wanted to ask poster A “how’s it going with your wife?” I would contact the poster via e-mail if possible, instead of starting a new thread on the subject)[/li][li]Bringing up past unpleasantnesses on the board will not endear you to the moderators and many of the members. Not that it’s necessary for your board survival that the staff like you, but if you wish to continue posting here, it doesn’t hurt to stay on their good side. (e.g. starting a thread saying “Don’t you think the mods were jerks when they banned whats-its-face back in March 2000?” will probably not make you any friends on the SDMB staff)[/li][li]Don’t bring up the same stuff over and over! If someone asked in GQ “How do you say ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’ in hungarian?”, and no one came up with the answer, don’t post the same question every five days, with or without a link to the previous thread.[/li][/ul]

In all seriousness; thank you.
I have some threads I’d like to remember. I can search for them and then print them for my own amusement.
No need to resurrect any unless theres a compelling reason; like the one that went to 10 pages called Why Arnold Winkelried is The Greatest Mod Ever…