Retail, sales, or distribution employees: What is the most expensive thing you sell?

This is a topic that interests me for reasons unknown. I guess it comes from working in these jobs at various times–when you are at a drugstore selling people prescriptions and $1.25 bottles of Coke, you wonder just who it is that the chain expects to come in and buy that $400 flat-screen TV behind the checkout counter. Who buys a TV at a pharmacy, anyway?

So, let me hear it, people who work in selling things: what is the most expensive thing you sell at your place of business? Has anyone ever bought it? What can you tell me about the type of person who buys the bizarrely out-of-place item at your store?

Off the top of my head, a re-man Diesel engine. Once looked up a Ford 7.3l it was just over 3k$ US. Most auto parts are not that pricey.

Currently, a $125 wood jewelry box. We usually sell about one or two per “Jewelry Holiday” like Valentine’s or Sweetest Days, and a few for Mother’s Day.

I used to work in a convenience store in Las Vegas, and we sold C store beer and wine. However, we also sold fifths of hard liquor, too, and pretty regularly. Of course, this WAS Las Vegas. We sold some pretty decent champagne, as well…it cost over $100 in 1980, and of course we kept it in the back, in the cooler. Every now and then we’d sell a bottle. I don’t know why the owner felt that he needed to carry it. He was rather odd…he wouldn’t stock rolling papers, but he’d sell hard liquor and tobacco in any form. This was a chain of three stores.

I also used to work in a women’s dress shop, and we carried wedding dresses and veils. We had plenty of women come in and try on dresses, and in the 8 or so years that I worked there, I think we sold two. That’s a lot of money to tie up in inventory for such infrequent sales, especially since we had so many women and girls wanting to play dressup with the gowns and veils. The assistant manager was actually the worst offender, she’d tell me to watch the front, and then try on wedding gowns all day.

I’ve got a toolbox on my truck that sells for $13500. I just sold a dealership an entire set of similar boxes to the tune of $200K. But as for everyday stuff, my most popular automotive scanner sells for around 7500 bucks.

I dont work at one but…

Our local Sam’s club (think large warehouse discount store where you buy things by the ton) has a jewerly department. One day, bored while waiting for a tire change, I started looking at diamond rings. They had a $20k diamond ring for sale. At Sam’s discount warehouse. Nothing says redneck love like a $20k ring and 10 gallon drum of BBQ sauce.

One share of Berkshire Hathaway class A is $114000 or so.

When I worked in a large retail wine/spirits store, we had a bottle of 1918 Bordeaux from (I think) Ch. Lafite that was listed as $20k. It was of course locked away in a temperature/humidity controlled wine cave, but everyone wanted to see and touch it. When I took it in from the auction house from which it was purchased I had to inspect it and write a description of the shape it was in (the label was pretty well gone) and all I could think was “this was made while they were fighting World War I”.

I work in the marketing department of a company that sells to distributors of beauty supplies. Our most expensive haircutting shears retail for $750. They’re used by very fancy stylists who cut the hair of very fancy clients. Think Tabatha of “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover”.

For comparison, our cheapest shears retail for about $2.

Retail, definitely laptops. On the BTB side, it can get pretty crazy, though.

I sell industrial real estate. Price range is typically from $ 500,000 to 10 million.

I work at a c-store / gas station. Other than a multiple-gallon fillup, we sell cartons of cigarettes, up to maybe $70.00 for some brands.


Hahaha dear lord, please tell me I’m being wooshed. That’s too much.

I sell telecommunications equipment (core routers, switches, WDM gear, etc.). Biggest router I ever sold was $660,000.

I work in a bike shop, and we can throw together a bike worth over $20,000 if you want. We can get wheels that are $8,000 a set. Yep, $8,000.

Unfortunately, I’m not joking. This girl (she was in her mid 20s, but still very much a girl in her heart and mind) was always dreaming of her Big Wedding. She’d never dated, and didn’t have any particular man in mind, but she could tell you EXACTLY what sort of dress she wanted, the time of day, the music, the food, the drinks to be served, everything. Except, of course, who the lucky man was going to be.

She did finally go out with a guy, and married him after a couple of months of dating him. I lost track of her after that, and I pity the man she married, and I pity her. Now she has nothing to fantasize about. She didn’t have her Big Wedding, because she couldn’t afford it, so she doesn’t even have the memories of her Big Day When She Was Queen to fall back on.

I used to work at a place that sold bath products and home fragrance stuff. Most of our inventory was relatively inexpensive things like body lotion, bubble bath, or bath accessories. We also had several Lampes Berger in a display case, which were our “big ticket” items. We sold maybe 3 or 4 of the lower-end ones ($55 each) per week, with a boost around big holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

A few of our lamps were collector’s pieces or limited editions, and were quite expensive. The most expensive one I ever sold was $400 or so. We had one that was priced at $650 but it never sold in the two years I worked there. It was godawfully ugly, IMO, but a lot of those designer ones were weird looking.