What's the most expensive object inside your house?

For me it’s the stove. Everything else, even TV is old.

I’ve got a Japanese screen that’s about 100 years old and an 1850s or so “Navy” cap and ball pistol. I don’t really know if either one competes with the Cartier watch. The BMW outside beats the watch, but not on a $/kg scale.

I’m not sure how much a lot of stuff is worth these days - we have some big televisions, but they’re pretty old and chunky. If you count the contents of my wardrobe as an object (which is a bit of a stretch) that would easily top $10,000 or so. Otherwise it’s probably the business printer that mum bought for $2000 or so.

Well, that depends. Shall we go with what my husband’s tools actually cost, or what he’d like me to think he spent on them?

Scratch that; I suspect his computer, given the specialized cards and memory and software on it, is worth more than the Delta Unisaw.

…also what is your address and what hours are you at work??? :wink:

My $1400 Vaio laptop. It’s the single most expensive thing I’ve ever bought. :slight_smile:

Money spent all at once - the laptop PC
Money spent in bits over time - the desktop PC

Probably my FAL assault rifle.

We buy a lot of used stuff, so the typical big ticket items aren’t (TV computer etc). I spent $1K on my wife’s engagement ring, i hope it’s appreciated a bit since then. I can’t think of anything else, apart from the cars, which aren’t “in” the house.

According to my SO, I am the most expensive object (of his affection) in the house.

My bed. About $1600 four years ago, queen, pillowtop, wood frame, four poster with iron rails around the top. Worth every penny for the standing BJ.

That would be my bicycle.

My video camera. It’s a good camera. Worth about 5k. The next most expensive thing can’t be worth more than a couple hundred bucks. Now you know where my priorities lie =).

I guess the washing machine we bought brand new a few months ago …

Hmm, good question. Probably a huge framed mirror in the entryway. A designer picked it out so I’m sure we overpaid by an order of magnitude. Although one of the couches was about a grand…

We also have a baseball bat signed by Mickey Mantle, but I’m not into selling those things so I have no idea what it might be worth.

The cars are hideously expensive, but since I quit drinking I no longer park them in the house.

My TV.

Collectively, my books.

The only furniture I paid for is an oak sideboard, which has been valued at roughly $1200 CAD.

Some antique knick-knacks it would kills me to sell.

I never had it appraised, but I sleep in the bed that Oscar Hammerstein II was born in. Sonny Jesus knows what it might be worth. It’s my one claim to fame.

The TV. It’s big.

Unless you count “the book collection” as one thing and go by replacement value, in which case that wins by an order of magnitude or two.

In my apt, the computer. Though it’s depreciating fast enough that by next week most everything except the worn out socks will have passed it. :slight_smile:

If I can count possessions in the garage out on the farm, then my trusty ol’ Stumpjumper M2 comes out on top, even ahead of my car.