What's the most expensive object inside your house?

This may be a stretch, but I’m the keeper of our “big ol’ notebook of legal opinions” at work and keep the originals here at my house. I have 2 bound notebooks full of legal stuff that represent well over $200,000.00 worth of legal fees. Does that count?

Probably my wife’s watch, followed by her engagement ring. I don’t think there’s any one item that tops the $2000 mark, though.

My wifes teeth, followed closely by my childs teeth.

Eh, I’m sure the appliances and whatnot are the most expensive, but the thing I’ve spent the most money on in my apartment is a big print of Marilyn Monroe from “The Last Sitting” shoot. It’s wood mounted, and kinda chipped around the edges, but it’s a beautiful photo of the most beautiful woman in the world, and for a cheapscate like me, the $195 I spent on it was well worth it.

I’ve got some rings and such that are old family hierlooms, but aside from that, all my belongings are rather cheap (hey, I’m only 24).

My watch, when my wrist happens to be in my house.

I used to have one of those. I sold it to get the money for my apartment back in the '80s. I figured I could get another one later. :smack:

Ditto. Actually, three of my watches would qualify.

When my wifes around, probably her engagement ring. When she’s not, it’s the pooltable.

If we’re talking about current worth, it would have to be our bed. King size iron canopy bed with a hand-painted finish, completed by a sleep number mattress. Aaaaah …

If we’re talking about money originally spent, probably at least two of our four computers would qualify.

Money originally spent…Probably my wifes new C-Class Mercedes Benz 320…

Literally bought 48 hours ago. She thought her Jetta was cursed. :slight_smile:

My security system.

Since I just built a house about a year ago, I can accurately say that the lumber is the most expensive thing in my house. The windows, furnace and concrete for the basement cost a pretty penny too. Hell, it all cost a lot.

The most expensive thing IN the house has to be my wife’s engagement ring, followed by our bedroom furniture. That is if I don’t include the total eventual costs of the two kids.

My Yamaha piano takes first place. The runner up would be the Hammond organ.

I have a bunch of those Jim Beam muscle car decanters from the 60’s that I got when my grandfather passed on, and apparently they’re collectable as hell and worth a few hundred bucks each. I just thought they were neat…

Other than that, I’d say my couch. That sucker was almost $3000

My engagement ring or my counter top, I’m not sure which.

My computer or my big screen HDTV - I can’t remember how much the computer cost exactly…

But the cost of remodeling my kitchen is sure to exceed both of those put together… :frowning:

I imagine our print of “Colonel Mordaunt’s Cock Match” is quite valuable (though never had it valued) which was produced at the same time as the orginal painting (1786) and presented to one of my ancestors (Sir John Kennaway, who if anyone’s got a copy of William Dalrymple’s White Moghuls is mentioned a few time sin that book) who attended the event.

Also I’ve got quite a few old books which are also family heirlooms which I haven’t even had the time to look at.

The old man’s tuba, I think, which cost more than most cars I’ve bought.

I had a dog here whose former owners paid $9000 for, but he went to a new home last week. I guess the most expensive thing I have now is my computer.

My dental implants. I could have bought a house with that money.

Other than that, I’d have to say my paintings. They sell for several thousand apiece, and I’ve got about 20 in the house at any given time.

The new 6’1" grand piano sitting in the living room…

It’s one of the best instruments I’ve ever played - even over many of the concert grands I’ve known and loved and performed on. This piano has heart - it’s bright, yet soft if need be, it’s got incredibly smooth action and key response, and it’s voiced to my liking. We play well together… I can get it to do what I want, and how I want it, for the most part. A few more months of cooperation, and we’ll have it all worked out beautifully.

… this of course means that lno is being spoiled by learning on one of the best instruments I’ve ever played :wink: But it’s HIS piano.