What's the most expensive object inside your house?

Are you my ex-husband? :wink:

I was going to say our antique bed or antique pie safe but, after reading this, I had to reconsider. It’s definitely the kids’ teeth.

Well, probably my teeth, but I didn’t pay for them, so they don’t count. (My parents, however, spent about $5000 on them.)

The most expensive items I paid for are my computers. Dell desktop and laptop, both cost about $2600.

I have a few pieces of antique furniture that are undoubtedly worth quite a bit of money, but I haven’t had them appraised.

My husband.

Humm - I have a pretty extensive collection of art, and I imagine one of those pieces would be worth the most.

Then there are my shoes. I cringe to think how much my shoe collection is worth…

My $4000 Gibson Granada Mastertone Banjo.

Not an object exactly but…

My child. The medical bills that allowed her to survive and come home were over $1 million.

The paintings, by and far.

Purchased all at once? Bedroom Furniture.
Purchased over time? Husband’s Tools.

If the garage counts as “in the house” then the car.

If not, my stereo

Collectively, the books.

Singularly, my autographed, first-edition “The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism” by George Bernard Shaw

Or one of Hubby’s guns.

Those are fantastic and are going for upwards of $500 each on ebay. Lucky bastard! :slight_smile:

Single object, my laptop computer. Collective object, my DVD collection. I do have a few antique-type items (a period printing of The Mikado score, a couple of old swords, etc.) that have never been officially appraised.

This is my favorite answer so far. :smiley:

My family or more specifially there stomachs.

Feeding them is ridiculously expensive

6’ 7" Yamaha C5 ebony grand piano. Not even sure of its price (long story), though I fear the gold top Les Paul standing next to it suffers from feelings of inferiority.

And, of course, when we were setting up in this house my kitten found one leg of the Yamaha made for an ideal scratching post.:eek:

My Gibson ES-175, a/k/a the Jazz Box.

The spiral staircase in our new addition. It cost over $5000 plus freight from Houston, TX and installation.

Assuming we’re talking about “at the time of purchase”, my XBox (and I share this house with my dad, too.)


Bought it two days before all the consoles dropped their prices by $100.

When I heard the news, I felt like someone had sucker punched me in the gut.

Well I’m not sure but I think my engagement ring, the dining room furniture set (table, 6 chairs, buffet and hutch), and this computer all cost about the same thing. (Each purchased many years apart though.) So it would be a three way tie.

Although come to think of it, in todays dollars either grandmothers silver, or the pool table?

Hm, either the engagement ring or a pair 19th century Chinese foo dogs that happily reside in my bookcase.

My Mackie mixer. 56 channels (well, 32 and the 24 way expander) of fun. Spent about 3500 pounds on those toys.