What's the most expensive object inside your house?

Probably the refrigerator. We don’t have any high-end jewelry or electronics. Our art is just stuff we like, none of which is worth more than a few hundred dollars. I have a Franklin Mint Collectible vase that my grandmother had bought as an “investment” - I’d bet it’s still not worth as much as she must have paid for it.

Or maybe the dining room furniture. It’s 7 years old, but it cost a couple thousand dollars or so. Although I doubt I could sell it for $1K today…

My husbands electronics. Between the 2 computers and all the audio stuff it’s about $4000.

The collective value of my CD collection is more than everything else I own all put together.

The single most collectible item I own is a ticket for the madien voyage of The Titanic, which I keep in a safe deposit box.

My engagement ring, and a large glass-fronted oak bookshelf.

But more expensive than that, absolutely irreplacebly priceless are my two little sleeping boys in the next room.

(I was thinking the other day, and wondering how much money someone would have to offer me to sell them. I kept upping the amount in my head, but no figure I could come up with tempted me for even a fraction of a second…)

Well, it’s not apart of the house, but its included in the new mortgage, a pole barn.

and it’s being built right now as we speak.

And all of hubby’s valuables (tools and whatnot) will be parked in there so we can actually use the garage to park a car.

I can’t image the space we will have.

Ok, I must know. How did this come into your posession. What a peice of history!

What do you feed your poles?

Probably my VPI turntable–around $5k.

I’ve gotta say my songbook collection…it’s getting near 1400 books (I keep an Excel Spreadsheet that I upload to my palm pilot so I don’t keep buying duplicates when I’m out shopping). I reckon that’s gotta be worth at least $10K.
After that, probably my instrument collection is next up with my latest baby, my Rainsong guitar.

My maternal grandparents were suppose to be on it for their honeymoon trip, only they arrived late and missed it. My sister has the other ticket.

Annie, you realize, you might not even be here if your grandparents had been able to use those tickets? It boggles the mind.

Single purchase: my computer
Assembled over time: either the stereo or my CD collection

Since I don’t consider the wife and kids as “things” even though the doctor’s bills are #1 by far.

I’d say probably the three diplomas hanging in my office cost more than my new house and cars put together. ouch

Followed by my wife’s jewelry of course or her wardrobe???

It’s no damned wonder I have to work so much. :eek:

Definitely my pool table, a Diamond Pro. After that, a $950 pool cue.
The computer , home theatre systems and tv were all less than that.

Hmm. In descending order and only counting distinct items, my engagement ring, our ridiculous california king futon with a 6" latex core, the full 20 volume Oxford English Dictionary, and the fridge.

I’ve got a few antique pocket watches that are probably worth a few thousand dollars each at this point. Not enough to retire on, but still nice to have…


Oh, yeah – I forgot to mention the 47" widescreen TV. The thing is that, unlike the pocket watches, the longer I own the TV the less it’s worth…


hmm… my daughter’s braces, sectional couch w/fold out bed, some of my wife’s antiques (including her father’s hard hat diving helmet) and then maybe the computers and a Union civil war era officers sword.

Wow. Y’all have some great stuff around the house!

Our computer was upgraded earlier this year, so that’s about $1,200 total spent (over time).

Our most expensive single purchase was our couch. About $650.

Anybody else feel really poor now??? :frowning:

I think it’s really cool to see the various interests our dopers have…

I have the usual…car, watch but then it’s probably my Blue Dog painting…

I think I’m the most expensive thing in the house.