Return Engagement Discussion Thread [Spoiler]

Spoilers galore. Just a final warning.

Return Engagement picks up where The Victorious Opposition left off. Jake Featherston has just launced an undeclared war on the United States, and that is where the book starts off, with Flora Blackford being called to congress by President Al Smith to issue a declaration of war.

Personally, I thought this has been the best book of the series. Parts were still redundant (Sam burned easily), but a very interesting read. There were some surprises with the characters. Rodrigues surviving and Anne died in the beginning. But I am shocked that only one main character died. I expected more to. I wanted Cincinnatus to die. I found his story boring.

I wanted to scream at Featherston for turning down the professor when he proposed funding for the atomic bomb. I understand why he did it, but still. The battle of Midway, did it happen on Dec. 7th, because that’s what it sounded like?

Anywho, I am glad I picked this book up. I cannot wait until the next one happens.

What did y’all think about it? What do you think will happen in the next, for I positive it will be good.

I actually think Cincinnatus storyline is one of the better one’s in that he’s NOT a sterotypical character (something Turtledove uses far too often). Toss in that he’s almost the opposite of Scipio’s character…

Scipio takes what comes…Cincinnatus makes his future.
Scipio unwillingly participates in revolution…Cincinnatus is forced to work for the CSA diehards

he’s a necessary part of the plot.

I thought this was a good one but irritated by the delay. I hope it was for polishing and subsequent ones will be better.

I think Scipio and his family are bound for a concentration camp.

Cincinnatus will work for the underground with Lucullus Wood.

Dowling and Morrell will rise in rank. I actually began grinning when Morrell got his stars. He’s deserved them forever.

Flora Blackford will NOT become president unless FDR does so and she becomes VP somehow.

Chester Martin is clearly going back to the front lines. I hope he survives as he’s quite a good character.

Rodriguez will be assigned to whateve camp Jeff Pinkard runs and will be horrified at what he sees…perhaps even turning coat or deserting.

Dr O’Doull will be a doctor and philosophize on the horrors of war. That appears to be what he’s there for. Lucien Galtier was by far the more interesting character.

Jake Featherston will die by his own hand.

As for the bigger world?

I think the CSA has gotten as far as it will. Now it’s the push back.

I think the Empire of Mexico might well attempt to grab back Sonora and Chihuahua by invading the CSA.

Canada will eventually be freed from US hegemony by some sort of ‘fight for us and we’ll grant you independence’ manpower for the USA thing.

Utah and it’s citizen’s will be completely destroyed. I halfway expected some general to say ‘When this is over the mormon religion will be practiced only in hell’. I wouldn’t be surprised if Salt Lake City catches a nuke at some point.

It doesn’t seem like that will happen. He wasn’t phased at the dead bodies in the back of the trunk. All he did is was cross himself once, and that was it. Maybe once they start going after women and children.

I don’t see Mexico turning on the CSA. They were Confederate allies during the Second Mexican War and WWI, and there’s no indication that they want their former provinces back. And I don’t see Rodriguez turning coat or deserting either. He:

  1. Has seen worse in WWI
  2. Is an old guard Freedom Party stalwart
    and 3. Doesn’t like blacks much anyway