Return of the Techno-Peasant! MS-Word Question, No. Whatever

I have yet another MS-Word question. Quite simple I would think, but extensive Googling hasn’t helped.

It’s the auto-date feature. You know, you start typing “March…” and Word fills in the date: “March 13, 2018.”

Except my Word doesn’t. I have to fill in the full date, with attendant wear and tear on my finger-tips, and the little grey cells, struggling to come up with the date.

Except sometimes it does work. I’m typing away, and the auto-fill happens, automagically!

I think there is some feature tied to my documents, because it rocks for some miffed but not others.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does Alt-Shift-D do what you need?

This is controlled by the AutoComplete option of the AutoCorrection options screen.
Has that been turned off in your copy of Word?

My first thought was that I kind of want to move to Canada, now, just so I can hear lawyers use quaint Commonwealth legal talk like “rocks for some miffed” (no doubt it refers to a wig or something).

My second thought was that dates may not be the worst of Piper’s autocorrect problems…

I don’t know. I have Word 2010. Where would I look?

I love it when a miff comes to rock in the morning!

Before investigating that, do try out Alt plus Shift plus D (it’s D as in Date to make it easy to remember). Because if that does what you need, it’s always there in every copy of Word.

Tried it. Nothing happened?

Wait. I was hitting control-shift-D.

Alt-shift-D does insert then date, but it’s dynamic, not static. For my documents, I need the date to stay static, so months later if I pull up the e-version, it’s the original date, not the current date.

I’m on my phone, but can’t you just copy and paste special as text?

I found this MS Support article? Does it match your experience? If so, I’m not sure there’s a ‘real’ fix.

Completely irrelevant aside: I completely misparsed the thread title as NP arguing with himself and then giving up entirely. It took me a good 5 minutes to realize that he meant No as in number, not No as in, well, no.

You mean, insert a dynamic date, select it, cut it, and then paste-special as text? It might be faster to just type the date. If you already knew the date, that is. :slight_smile:

Is this PC or Mac?

Do you have any idea what you meant to say before “rocks for some miffed but not others” was inserted? I just can’t parse it. Auto-corrupt indeed.

Could try this menu sequence:

Insert -> Date
… and in the box that pops up, select your desired date format, unselect “update automatically”, and click “Set as default”.

Then go back to your document and see if alt-shift-d now does what you want.

Yep. That’s what I meant.

I had the same problem, except I never figured it out - I had to wait for you to explain it. :slight_smile:

That fixed it! I just changed the zoom level down to 85% and the auto-dates came back! Thanks.

Did you not get the bit about the techno-peasant? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it was “works for some docs but not others” - that’s why I didn’t think it was a problem with the auto-format setting being turned off.