Returning mail order mattresses

Have you ordered a mattress via the internet and been dissatisfied enough to return it?
How easy was the process? Did you have to deflate and re-roll it? Did you want to send it back but give up and keep it anyway?
Tell me your tales.

Not me, but a friend was unhappy with a mattress in a box (I don’t know what brand she bought) and their process was to refund the money and have her donate it - or maybe they arranged with someplace to pick it up? All I know is she was very happy with the process because it got it out of her place to someone who would use it, without her having to deal with packing it up somehow.

Someone picked it up and we were processed a refund. I’m not sure if they were resellers or garbage haulers.

The whole business sounds like a great episode for a situation comedy.

I mean, can’t you just see Laverne and Shirley trying to roll up one of those mattresses?


I know someone who had that same issue. Some folks came and got it and she recieved a refund to her bank.

You can’t really re-roll it and put it back in a box. Those things are vacuum-deflated.

The company I ordered from (Zinus) wanted me to donate it to a thrift store, send them the donation the receipt, and they’ll refund it. Fortunately in my case I realized they sent me the wrong size BEFORE I opened the box. They just sent the delivery driver (UPS?) back the following day to pick the box back up.

A few years ago in the Times there was an article by a lady who returned a few mattresses for whatever reason. Generally the company told her to donate it in order to get her money back. Just the cost of doing business.