well, I watched it last night. Can’t say it hooked me, so I probably won’t be back.

This show feels like it’s ripping off another show, but I can’t put my finger on which one.

I watched it, too. Very unexcited about it.

I think it was just ripping off various soaps and teen angsty movies. That’s what it felt like anyway. And the “present day” scenes were so artificial and unnatural. Weird.

It was “oh so contrived” I won’t be back.

I too thought it was horrible. Too much hitting the audience over the head with 80’s songs and 80’s references. The show was just screaming “Hey! It’s the 80’s! Don’t forget that this is the 80’s! 80’s 80’s 80’s!!!”. The show just tried too hard.

Not to mention every plost “twist” was obvious long before the twist was actually shown on the screen. The actors were not so much playing characters as they were playing caricatures. Too contrived and far-fetched to hold my attention.

Worst of all, the show is doomed to fail. How can this show last more than one year? Is the next season going to be “Oh yeah…I forgot about all of this other crazy stuff that happened during the past 20 years that is completely unrelated to everything you have just seen. See, it all started in 1986…” :rolleyes:

Can you tell I didn’t like this show? :smiley:

it was at the point that they started playing Don’t You Forget About Me that I knew this show couldn’t be taken seriously. If it’s trying to be a dramatic version of That 80’s Show, it really missed the mark.

I thought about watching this last night, but I hoped there would be Dopers willing to take the bullet. So I waited. And there were. :slight_smile:

We could set up teams. Team A could watch the new ABC shows and report on them, Team B CBS, etc. Save all of us a lot of time.

I’m pretty sure I’ve read that if it were to be renewed it would have a whole new cast and story.

I got about halfway through it before I decided my time could be better spent banging my head against the wall. I think it was the “No, seriously, WHAM! will turn out to be the new Beatles!” conversation that did it for me.

The writing was horrible. “80s, 80s, 80s, 80s, let’s have some plot now!” Clunky as all getout.

Well, if what you have read is correct, then that would be the only redeeming point of this series for me. I tend to enjoy anthology series with a rotating cast (although this would barely qualify).

This could be a tough sell to the network, though. The typical mentality is to build a show around a star or a set of stars. A show that changed their cast every year…wow. Has it ever been done? I don’t think so.

Realistically, I don’t think we will have to worry about a season 2 of this show. :stuck_out_tongue:

…which also starred Chyler Leigh. She was the only reason I watched 80s Show, and as pretty much the only reason I wanted to watch this, but judging by this thread, I think I’ll pass.